Top 10 things that are getting less and less audience on TV

According to the latest report from Médiamétrie, published in January 2022: children aged 4 to 14 watched much less TV in 2021 than in previous years (a drop of around 20%). And among the many programs offered, some are more expensive than others…

1. The Oscars

In recent years, Oscar audiences have plummeted. In April 2021, the ceremony even recorded its worst record with less than 10 million viewers. Faced with this situation, the institution is trying to reinvent itself: on February 14, 2022, it announced the creation of an “audience award” for the most popular film of the year, designated by a vote on Twitter. Do we think it will work? NOT. FROM. ALL.

(Same observation on the side of the Césars who recorded last year their lowest audience record for at least 10 years. It must be said that it was damn embarrassing)

2. Princes of Love

A healthy show by definition. The principle: put in a luxurious barrack the worst people of reality TV, and bring them a slew of “suitors” seeking fame to mark them together, all talking about “love”. A beautiful program hosted by the most wonderful person on earth: Magalie Berdah. Really, we don’t understand why the audiences were halved between this season and the previous one…


Cyril Hanouna. This is more than enough reason to flee this show. It was long, but obviously, viewers finally understood that giving credit to this character and his little friends was not necessarily good for their mental health. YES.

4.Ninja Warrior

Never has a final brought together so few viewers as the one broadcast last February on TF1. Ninja Warrior is about guys and girls who are a little too hot (not always), who embark on a race full of obstacles. Nice, but hey… The thing has been around since 1997. 24 years of seeing guys running through mud, eating bars in their foreheads and slipping on soapy water… The shortest valves are the shortest (it’s not like that they say?)

5. Tchoupi

“And doudouuuuu, they are funnyOOOOos as always. “This cartoon has long been in my top 10, and I’m a little disappointed to see that young people today really have no taste. It’s sad. Poor Oli lookalike (BigFlo’s brother) didn’t attract a single viewer on July 15, 2018. NOT ONE. PERSON. EVERYONE HAS FLED. All that to watch Paw Patrol instead??? You don’t have the basics.


I am announcing, you are going to get old… Friday Everything is Permitted celebrated its… 10 years (!!!) in December 2021. The principle? There really isn’t. Celebrities come and shit on Arthur’s set (maybe that’s the problem?) It’s not always super funny, but still, there are some cool games. At the start, the new entertainment program runs on! But since 2016, the numbers are no longer good, Kevin. Season 1: more than 2.5 million viewers. Season 11: 746,000 on average. It tingles.

7. Clem

WE ARE COMING TO SEASON 12. WTF. Basically, it was a TF1 TV movie for a little family evening, but the thing went wrong. From the hour-and-a-half film, we embarked on a never-ending series… I think we get it, and maybe we can stop there, can’t we? In any case, the figures speak for themselves: 10 million viewers at the start of the series against… 3 million for the last season. Anyway, the main character has already been through everything, right? In 12 years, poor Clem became a mother at 16, saw her first love die, then her mother have cancer and die in turn, she then had a car accident, spent 6 years of her life in the coma… Maybe we’ll stop charging it, right?

8. Ligue 1 matches

No offense to the footballers who read us… Ligue 1 matches have really lost their luster in recent years! In January 2021, Capital published a study on the fall in this audience. Basically, for the 2019-2020 season, there are an average of 851,000 viewers on Canal +… That’s half as many as in 2008-2009!

9. Everyone wants to take their place

It’s not Nagui who wants… Since the leading host passed the torch to Laurence Boccolini, nothing has gone right! In one year, the show has lost 2 points in audience share: that’s a lot, especially in an uncompetitive niche. Everyone wants to take their place, but no one wants Nagui to let go of his, in fact.

10. More beautiful life

And it is with a heavy heart that I write to you… Even if it had become really bad, and that I have not watched an episode for at least 10 years: I am sad to learn that Plus belle la vie, It’s almost finished. Who is responsible for this disaster? All of us. All of us. Audiences have been (very) bad since 2019. And to think that in 2015 it was still the most watched series in France in streaming, ahead of Games of Thrones! 18 years of existence to disappear like that… IT’S HARD.

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