Top 10 things that are deadlier than you think

Sometimes we are not suspicious enough of certain things, like this old crow who has been squatting in my apartment for 5 months and whom I dare not release but who I am convinced is the source of repeated attacks on my person in my sleep. So we think that some things are pretty much normal, without being fundamentally harmless, but finally there are some that are much more deadly than we think. It was the subject of a Reddit forum on which Internet users exchanged their answers and we invite you to see some of them.

1. Quit drinking alcohol overnight when you’re an alcoholic

While hard drug rehab is often talked about in movies, abruptly stopping alcohol for alcoholics can prove just as deadly. You might naively think it’s a good thing to stop drinking like that overnight, but no. Delirium tremens, a neurological problem occurring during weaning, can cause violent crises, delirium but also death if it is not treated in time and in the right conditions.

2. Sleep apnea if left untreated

If in principle sleep apnea already looks dangerous (we still stop breathing while sleeping) it can still occur to several degrees. In the most severe cases, it can cause quite serious or even fatal heart problems, such as heart attacks. So you have to have all of this monitored if you are not a victim, it is always more prudent. Go see the explanations behind sleep disorders, it’s important.

Top 10 things that are deadlier than you think

3. Sitting too long

A problem that can occur in trades where the sitting position extends over time, as for truck drivers or drivers in general. This can cause phlebitis (blood clots) and lead to quite serious complications. So take breaks to get up, even if you’re geeking in your gaming chair, not getting up for more than an hour and getting your blood pumping is not good.

4. Get your ass redone

If cosmetic surgery is booming, the practice to redo the ass called “brazilian butt lift” to have a Kim Kardashian ball is the most deadly there is. The idea of ​​the operation being to recover the fat from a place of the body to inject it into the buttocks, this can cause fat embolisms, and there is nearly one death for 3000 operations. Is it better to die with a fat ass or live with a normal ass? You are the sole judge.

Top 10 things that are deadlier than you think
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5. A dental abscess

It may seem basic these little things, while being particularly disgusting in photos, believe me. But a dental infection of this type can quickly escalate to something much less benign and ultimately cause death. Basically you can get endocarditis, an inflammation of the endocardium (a part of the heart) and it doesn’t do any good as you can imagine, so if you have a dental abscess get treatment.

6. Lack of sleep

It seems a bit cliché and obviously it’s not necessarily the lack of sleep that will kill you but rather the things that it can cause. Inattention, micro-sleeps, drowsiness, lack of concentration… All this while you cross the street, drive, cook, cycle on the edge of a cliff… In short, good sleep is important otherwise a whole bunch of stuff can happen to you and that’s rarely cool stuff.

Top 10 things that are deadlier than you think

7. On-call work or staggered hours

Over the long term, we notice in some people working at staggered or on-call schedules problems with the circadian rhythm (24-hour rhythm), which can reduce life expectancy. We were talking about sleep just above and it is not enough to sleep, you have to sleep at regular times otherwise it can damage your health, which is why you are also told that the blue lights given off by the screens are bad at night like we talked about it in the list of things that we will eventually understand are bad for us.

8. Birthdays

According to a Swiss study, you are 14% more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year. The explanations could be multiple, doing crazy things, more hectic evenings, having accidents or even committing suicide (yes, those are the reasons)… In short, there was something that day which can make you caner and it’s still not the best gift that life can give you.

Top 10 things that are deadlier than you think

9. Potatoes

Potatoes are good in all their forms, but don’t mess with potatoes when they start to sprout too much and turn green. This could well poison you since they secrete glycoalkaloid, a toxic substance. So eat them quickly when you buy them and don’t take any risks, otherwise in the most serious case you could feel weakened and fall into a coma which could be fatal.

10. Hippos

These critters kill more people than lions, don’t approach, it could well eat you at once, there are plenty of accidents. In general, everything that is in the films Jumanji is to be avoided.

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