Top 10 things that all new mums do in scred, we see you huh

So yes of course, each person is different, that’s what is beautiful in humanity. But in maternity, there are two or three things that practically all mothers do, it’s like that, it’s instinctive, animal, and even if sometimes we hide a little to do it and we don’t dare don’t admit it too much, we all do the same things.

1. Take your temperature 12 times

And in times of confinement more than ever. It is not because children are less exposed to the risk of coronavirus that good habits should not be lost. “Because at 8:30 a.m. he was 37.5 and ten minutes later he was 37.6, if that happens he has a fever and he is sick, it is better that I check his temperature another 9 or 10 times to be sure that everything is fine and that he is not going to die suddenly, like poof like that”.

2. Check that he breathes well when he sleeps

You waited for weeks, months, for it to finally make its nights so that you could have a full night without being woken up every hour, and now that it is you find it suspicious not to hearing him wake up, so suspicious that it wakes you up and you slip into his room to put a hand on his chest and make sure he’s breathing fine.

3. Sniff it

Because not even washed he smells good, he smells him, it’s his smell, a little yours too, with a little mixture of sour milk and strawberry punnets, and you regularly get shots by sniffing his neck , right where the little hair grows, and it even gives you chills every time.

4. Eat his cakes when he doesn’t see you

Because you know that if he sees you take out a package, he’ll ask you for it, and you don’t want to tell him that snack time is over and that snacking is bad, the whole thing with cookies in their mouths. Credibility level, we are not at the top, it is better to wait until he does not see you to eat his Pepito. Also works with bonbecs.

Top 10 things that all new mums do in scred, we see you huh

5. Using him as the ultimate alibi

“I’m sorry, I can’t come to your birthday which is on the other side of the ring road, because the Heir still has gastro. Yes I know, it’s the 3rd time in a month, but life at the crèche brings its share of illnesses, you know… I promise, next time I’ll come”. Myth yeah. It is also very useful to be accused in your place when you put mashed potatoes everywhere for example but you don’t want to admit it.

6. Make toys disappear

“No my little darling, I don’t know where your mechanical monkey is going, banging on its little drums, really no idea. But look at this beautiful book that makes no noise at all, don’t you want to read it instead, in silence? »

Top 10 things that all new mums do in scred, we see you huh

7. Lying about Disneyland opening on Sundays

“If I swear to you my little darling, Disneyland closes its doors every Sunday, that’s why we can’t go there every weekend, it’s really a shame, I know. And it’s also closed during holidays and public holidays, it’s nerd huh. »

8. Cry when the little piece of cord falls

You change his diaper, taking care not to tear off the small piece of dried cord that is attached to his navel, and then, tragically, he falls off on his own. You find yourself with the last piece of you that connected you to him, and, the hormones on fire oblige, you cry.

Or else you just have a sudden craving for sausage. It depends on the people.

9. Sniff his comforter

Your kid isn’t home, he’s having a blast at daycare, and you suddenly miss his scent. So you find yourself squatting in his room for a few minutes, his cuddly toy under the nose, sniffing it like a drug. Even if, like all cuddly toys, it is frankly filthy.

10. Watch him sleep

You’ve been waiting all day for that, to finally have some peace and for him to peacefully pawn in his room. And when it finally does, you lean over his bed for long, very long minutes, watching him sleep, frown, sometimes smile, in the dark and calm, completely hooked.

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