Top 10 things Raelians believe in, even better than a good episode of The X-Files

You've probably seen that Netflix has just released a documentary on Rael and the Raëlian sect, and if you've learned a lot about the founder/guru, you're wondering what this whole merry bunch really believes in. Well, we invite you to take a quick overview of the most emblematic precepts of this sect.

That all forms of life on Earth were created by extraterrestrials, the Elohim

They came to Earth one day and decided, using their ultra-advanced scientific knowledge, to create all animals, plants and all other forms of life like humans, in their image. As they find us a bit stupid, they don't come to see us often, but they sent us prophets, Mohammed, Jesus, and Rael.

That human cloning is possible, in fact they have already done it

The Clonaid company, close to the Raelian movement, has repeatedly claimed to have cloned humans, including a little girl called Eve, even promising to quickly provide proof. We're still waiting, especially since it dates from 2002 so the little one should have grown up a bit.

That paradise on Earth is possible and that it requires the creation of robots

What if the entire proletariat was replaced by robot workers? This is the starting postulate of “Paradism”, a Raelian economic system affirming that paradise on Earth is only possible if man frees himself from the obligation to work. Roll on the nanobots who will steal our work.

That cosmic orgasm can be achieved through sensual meditation

Sensual meditation, if we are to believe certain accounts of ancient Raelian people, consists of sitting naked in a circle and caressing oneself. Officially, however, sensual mediation aims to “correct our incoherent behaviors” linked to our contemporary society and “to increase our pleasure of living on a daily basis, by enjoying to the maximum and through all our senses all the stimulations that our environment provides us and thus, direct our lives towards the search for the conscious development of our deep self.” It's clear ?

That it is normal for Raël to have his own “Angels” (who sleep with him, that’s the goal)

In fact, the Angels are women serving the Elohim but as the guys are not often there, they serve the closest thing: Raël. And by serving we mainly mean warming your diaper, you see?

That the best political system is geniocracy

Within the Raelian sect, only people with a high IQ can have responsibilities. Thus “only individuals with an intellectual coefficient 50% above the average will be eligible for any public position whatsoever, and only those with an intellectual coefficient 10% above the average will be eligible to vote”. Perhaps the only thing to keep in this whole story.

That the Elohim commissioned Raël to build them an embassy

Oh yes, because be careful, Raël is not here to play around, take money from his followers and sleep with girls. No. If the Elohim contacted him, it was so that he could prepare an embassy for them on Earth which would welcome our Creators on the day of their return. For the moment no country has accepted that such a building be built on their territory, which is a shame because it would automatically benefit from “the special protection of the Elohim and will become the spiritual and scientific center of the planet for millennia to come.” come “. We wonder what Emmanuel Macron is waiting for…

That Rael is the son of Yahweh

Yes then in the Raëlian texts, the great supreme guide Raël would be the son of Yavhé, but also the half-brother of Jesus and Buddha. It's crazy because until now we didn't even have the idea that there was a family link between Jesus and Buddha and yet there is, and this link is Raël.

That, moreover, Raël has already gone to the planet of Elohim

Maybe we should start there, because this little guy from Vichy would have already personally gone to the planet of the Elohim to meet them, share a tile breaker, learn from their wisdom and return home. It's good to be the chosen one, that's often what happens when you start your own sect.

That the money won must be donated to Raël but that it is not completely obligatory

On paper you can participate completely freely, but in reality you have to pay at least 3% of your salary after tax, then if you want to become a real respected member you have to add 7% plus 1% optional but who does when same pleasure. So we're on a base of 11% of salary, but we can still continue to give if we really want Raël to remember our first name and stop calling us “something”.

Have you also ordered your Raël who goes karting shower curtain from the official store?

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