Top 10 Things Only The Rich Have (And We’re A Little Jealous)

If you grew up with rich kids or you have friends a little more armored than you, you must know these objects that you cannot afford to buy. There’s a lot of rich stuff you do when you don’t have a fortune like looking at real estate ads and you don’t even realize it anymore. So, if you have at least 3 objects from this top, it means that you are either rich or damn well organized.

1. A bar and high stools in the kitchen

People who have a central island or a bar in their kitchen are different from people who eat at a table with chairs. These people have high stools and this is where they eat “on the go” before leaving to continue their exciting life. Which class…

2. A double entrance door

If your front door opens in two, that means you don’t live in a 30 square meter apartment in Roubaix. You necessarily have a large villa and a door that is much too large for your small size. Honestly, what’s the point?

Top 10 things only the rich have (and we're a little jealous)

3. A trampoline installed in the lawn

In a normal family with 10-year-old children, a trampoline can often be found in the garden. It has metal legs, a safety net all around, and it breaks a little more with every storm. Among people who are a little (or a lot) rich, the trampoline is directly installed in the ground and it is much more chic.

4. Cubic toilets

In your home, the toilet bowl has an oval or rounded shape and that’s quite normal: the goal is for the seat to conform to the shape of your buttocks when you sit down. And then, who knows why, some people have decided to have cubic toilets at home. They are more expensive, not very aesthetic or practical, but it has become an outward sign of wealth.

5. An oval bathtub

If you have basins in your bathroom, you already have a little class. But then, if you have an oval bathtub that is therefore not glued to the walls, it is the pinnacle of wealth. In general, there is also a large window with a breathtaking view of nature and it still makes you really want.

6. Stairs without risers

It’s not practical, it’s dangerous and it’s a little scary but without knowing why, it’s super stylish. People who have stairs without risers probably never went home drunk at 4am where they wouldn’t be alive today.

Top 10 things only the rich have (and we're a little jealous)

7. A toaster with 3 or 4 slots

Other than brunch or breakfast with your 12 kids, you don’t need to toast 4 slices of bread at the same time. And yet, there are toasters with 4 slots and twice as many buttons. To do what ?

8. A fridge with two doors and/or an ice cube dispenser

I always dreamed of having a huge gray refrigerator with two doors, a water and ice dispenser. Why ? Because it’s beautiful, practical and there’s plenty of room. But hey, given the size of the kitchens in Parisian apartments, that would be a bit ridiculous.

Top 10 things only the rich have (and we're a little jealous)

9. A sofa in the middle of the room and not against a wall

If your home is small, every available square centimeter must be made profitable. The furniture is therefore very logically arranged against the walls so as not to lose space. On the contrary, people with large spaces must redouble their imagination to know how to arrange it without it appearing empty. So they arrange the furniture in the middle of the room. Obviously, when your living room is 60 square meters, you have to put your sofa in the middle of the room so that it is at a reasonable distance from the TV.

Top 10 things only the rich have (and we're a little jealous)

10. A garden hanging chair

Here is an object halfway between the armchair and the object of garden decoration. Everyone has wanted to have an egg-shaped hanging chair but there are several problems: it’s expensive, it takes a lot space and above all… you get tired of it very quickly.

11. BONUS: A husky or an Akita

Themselves know that they are not dogs of the plebs.

Top 10 things only the rich have (and we're a little jealous)

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