Top 10 Things Normal For Americans But Weird For Us

There are certain things that Americans (because Americans are a bit ugly) are the only ones to do in the whole world and yet they find it completely normal. We won’t go so far as to say that Americans are stupid, we wouldn’t dare, but it is true that they are different.

1. Watch English movies with English subtitles

In the United States, a debate rages among fans of American films: many people whose mother tongue is English watch English films with English subtitles, which seems very strange for any French person. You have already watched The Bronzed with French subtitles you? After some research, Americans have put forward several arguments: they don’t necessarily understand all the accents, they like to eat crisps while watching the movie or the air conditioning is too noisy and they don’t hear well. Really strange.

“English is my mother tongue but I appreciate not having to go back if I didn’t understand something. In addition, the noise of the air conditioning is loud in summer and the TV is hard to hear. »

2. Put any food in frying

Everyone knows that the United States is not famous for its gastronomy, it’s a privilege that we treasure, but they could still make an effort. Watching Americans cooking is always a nightmare because in addition to putting cheddar and marshmallows everywhere, they always end up frying everything in oil.

3. Loving their flag a little too much

Apart from the Algerians and the Bretons, there are only a few people who are as proud of their flag as the Americans. In many states, the flag can be seen adorning the homes and even the clothes or caps of the locals. In addition to that, there is a tradition that the French find very strange: the oath of allegiance to the flag every morning at school. Way too weird.

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4. Use the imperial unit system and degrees Fahrenheit

Almost all the countries of the world have agreed to use the metric system and degrees Celsius, but the United States, as usual, has its way. What’s the point of measuring things with body parts like inches or feet? And why would water freeze at 32 degrees instead of 0? Any sense.

“Why Americans still use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, it doesn’t make sense. »

5. Put sugar in the bread

The French who do not know it yet may be very shocked by this information: it is very difficult to find unsweetened bread in the United States. Yes, you read that right, Americans put sugar in the bread recipe. Disgust is present.

“Wow, they didn’t even put sugar in the ingredient list.” Americans don’t understand Aussie bread.

6. Going into debt to get treatment or give birth

The United States is far from being the only country that does not have healthcare reimbursement, but the prices are beyond belief in comparison with other so-called “developed” countries. You have to pay to be transported by ambulance, to have surgery and even to give birth (even if you were taken to the hospital against your will). And when we say that we have to pay, we are not talking about a small note of 20 since the costs vary between 30,000 and 50,000 dollars at the minimum.

Top 10 Things Normal For Americans But Weird For Us
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7. Having to do math every time you buy something

Whether at the supermarket or at the restaurant, you constantly have to make mental calculations in this country of misfortune (a hard blow for those who have done an L baccalaureate). When you go shopping, the taxes are not included in the price displayed on the label because the taxes change according to the States and the shops do not want to redo labels with the right price. At the restaurant, you have to do a percentage calculation to know how much to tip the waiter.

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8. Not having a kettle and heating water in the microwave

The whole world uses electric kettles except the Americans who seem to discover that this device exists. So okay, not all French people have a kettle but it is still an object that can be found in many kitchens in the country. And then there are the Americans who heat their water in the microwave. What the hell world do we live in?

“Apparently the Americans don’t have a kettle?” But how do they boil water? »

9. Calling “football” a sport where you touch the ball with your hands

The whole world agrees that football is played with the feet, it is also the most popular sport on this planet. And then there are the Americans who think they are superior and decide to change the meaning of words. For them, football is called “soccer” since their football is played with a rugby ball and helmets on their heads. But why is it called “foot-ball” if you are not allowed to touch the ball with your feet? Be consistent.

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10. Have ads for lawyers or prescription drugs

Even though advertising is part of our daily life, France has the decency to have limits on what we can promote or not. In the United States, there is advertising for absolutely everything and even for prescription drugs. When you go to the doctor, he prescribes you medication and you trust him, whereas in the USA, you can claim this or that product because you liked the ad. Normal.

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