Top 10 things never to do in London, which you have been told

London is a fascinating city that obeys certain rules. So, when you visit it, you have to pay attention to some sometimes very important details, so that everything goes smoothly. There are things you should never do. So for an unforgettable stay in the capital of Perfidious Albion, follow these tips! You will thank us later.

1. Don’t forget that cars drive on the left

Especially when crossing the street. Because there’s nothing like getting hit by a double-decker bus to get your trip off to a bad start.

2. Driving

As much as some cities lend themselves rather well to driving, London is not at all. It is better to rely on public transport rather than renting a car. Unless, of course, you plan to roam the English countryside. Because driving in London is pretty rock and roll. But not in a good way.

3. Not being polite

The British are (generally) very much about propriety. More than ever, there, “thank you”, “hello”, “goodbye” and “please” are required. And in the metro, we give way to the elderly. This is the basis !

4. Poking fun at the royal family

For us French people who once dispatched the monarchy, the English royal family can make you smile and can encourage certain criticisms. Not for the English. They, their crowned heads, they adore them. So don’t make fun of the Queen and her loved ones in public.

5. Not opting for the Oyster card

The Oyster Card allows you to take advantage of public transport without spending too much. And in such a large city, public transport is essential. It is rented (because you can recover the €10 it costs at the end of your stay) and you fill it according to your needs. Much more advantageous than taking several tickets.

6. Do not do after work in a pub

In the evening, after work, the English go to the pub. It is at this time that London sees its bars fill up and it is there that it is advisable to go to taste the local beers, in a friendly atmosphere, which sees locals and tourists mixing in hopped vapors.

7. Not watching your stuff

Especially in places like Piccadilly Circus where pickpockets are legion. Thieves who even enter restaurants and bars in search of smartphones carelessly placed on the tables. Yes, it’s not unique to London but it’s always good to remember.

8. Neglecting buses

Because sometimes buses are much more convenient than the metro. And the buses are rarely as crowded as the famous tube, which turns into a furnace during rush hour. And then sometimes, it’s faster to just walk to get from point A to point B. It’s good to walk.

9. Forget skip-the-line tickets

As so often when you intend to visit a big city, it is better to plan your activities well in advance. Because otherwise, we show up at the last moment and we waste a lot of time queuing. Queuing is about as painful in London as anywhere else.

10. Not being punctual

The English like punctuality. When you book at the restaurant, you arrive on time. Same if you are invited to the inhabitant. Here, no London quarter-hour.

And above all, do not forget to taste the famous breakfast at least once. A must for British gastronomy!

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