Top 10 things movies have taught us about the jungle

1. Beware of all animals

Mowgli showed us by A+B that tigers are a tad more aggressive than just big cats. Snakes will never be your buddies, or simply to gain your trust before swallowing you whole. And the little beasts? I’m not even talking to you about it! Ask poor Daniel Radcliffe what he thinks of ants! Like what, the adage “It’s not the little beast that’s going to eat the big one!” » bah… It’s a big fat mytho. Fortunately, jungle films are there to restore the truth.

2. You can make a fire with two pieces of wood

Or two pebbles. And a lot, a lot, a lot of abnegation. Robinson Crusoe did it, Tom Hanks reproduced it in “Alone in the world”, the adventurers of Chupacabra were inspired by it, and the candidates from Koh-Lanta have finished convincing us.

Top 10 things movies have taught us about the jungle

3. Never attempt to enter a lost temple

Even more when the thing is nicknamed “the cursed temple”. After a while, you have to make an effort and read between the lines, huh. In “cursed temple”, there is the word “cursed”. I haven’t done any major studies, and yet I quickly realize that it’s not a good sign. Don’t come complaining if you disappear in excruciating pain afterwards, huh.

4. It is better to eat nothing than risk fruit

If this poor Christopher McCandless (Into the wild) was still there to tell us about it, he could not approve of this point enough. Unfortunately, he is one of the victims of these nasty seeds. We will conclude this time with an adage that makes absolutely sense: ” it’s not the size that matters “. Yes, it’s tiny, but more dangerous than a rabid tiger.

5. We can make a little croco mechoui

Provided you are accompanied by a second person to cook it. History of working “as equals”. Isn’t it, Dolores?

6. Monkeys can adopt humans, and then they become maxi BGs

You do not believe me ? Ok. Dare to tell me that Tarzan isn’t a big handsome death kid who kills? Dare it. I leave you to cry all the tears of your body on this terrible scene. Want to drop everything to console Tarzan, and you?

7. Overall, the jungle is a haven for pretty kids

So let’s make a brief summary of all the beautiful specimens that can be found in the jungle, according to the cinema. Tarzan, of course. Daniel Radcliffe, particularly attractive in “Jungle”. Seann William Scott and Dwayne Johnson in “Welcome to the Jungle”: twice as much happiness for our little eyes. Or… Channing Tatum in “The Secret of the Lost City”. The list is still long, but you see where I’m coming from… I don’t know about you, but on my side, I’m already ordering my camouflage outfit and my khaki backpack to go exploring!

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8. Moving on a liana saves time

Another tip offered by Tarzan. In addition to preventing you from crossing small bloodthirsty critters on the ground, this means of transport allows you to combine fun and practicality. It’s also the best way not to rot your shoes in the mud. Honestly, when you know the price of a pair of hiking shoes, I assure you that this point is not negligible!

9. There are bears in the jungle

Yes… Like Baloo! Who would’ve believed that ?

10. We say “cartographer”

And not “cartologist”… Yes, yes. I swear ! A cartographer. The card-making guy there. Too weird. However, we do not say a meteographer, archaeographer or volanographer, do we? The French language is too hard….

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