Top 10 things happening in Denmark that shock foreigners

Admit it, you too think that Denmark is the best country in the world!! Well, frankly, you’re right. Between its breathtaking landscapes, its leadership in the field of renewable energies and its place in the list of the happiest countries on Earth, the Danes have nothing to envy anyone! Go shoo, we prepare our suitcase, we buy a big coat, and we leave to live our best life in Copenhagen. But before that, we still check the small specificities of the territory and the traditions, so as not to be too shocked on arrival.

1. Let your child sleep in his stroller, outside, in the street

Among the normal habits in one country but strange everywhere else, there is this thing, in the Scandinavian countries, to leave the strollers outside, baby inside, whether the weather is good or it is -10° vs. The Danes, just like the Swedes or the Norwegians, let their children take a nap outside – this is called the “Nordic nap” -. They believe that low temperatures allow better sleep, and help develop immune defenses.

2. Having to choose your baby’s name from an approved list

No offense to those who like special first names, like the absurd first names of children of stars, Danish parents have no choice! They must name their children by choosing their first name from a list, which still presents some 7,000 different first names. It’s not bad, but it still reduces the margin of creativity. If the parents really want an off-list name, then they should submit it and have it approved by the local church, and then have it reviewed by government officials. Sacred obstacle course, to be able to call his child “Tiago”.

3. Danes eat (a lot) (really a lot) of sweets

Contrary to the very cliché and “healthy” image that the world has of Denmark: NO, the Danes don’t just eat salad and seeds! On the contrary, with more than 6 kg of confectionery per year and per inhabitant, the country is the leading consumer of candy in the world! You surprise me that it is in the top 3 of the happiest countries on the planet, if it is in the top 10 of the countries that eat the most sugar.

Top 10 things happening in Denmark that shock foreigners

4. You can drink legally from the age of 16

Finally, “booze” is a big word! From the age of 16, young people can buy “lightly alcoholic” drinks, such as wine or beer. As in France, they have to wait until they are 18 to send each other Vodkas/canned apples. But hey, beer, when you don’t have 3 hairs on your chest, it’s already not bad. The USA waits another 5 years, for example. It’s a long time, 5 years without drinking.

5. Students don’t get grades until they’re 14

In addition to being one of the European countries that pays the best teachers, Denmark also offers a fairly innovative education system. For example, students do not receive grades until they are 14 years old. Which isn’t so bad, because the rating system is still a little weird and not the easiest to explain to a 10-year-old child.

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6. Companies give flowers to their new employees.

Yeah yeah, that’s very nice, but hey… We have really stylish goodies sometimes, huh! Do you prefer a bouquet of beautiful peonies or a flocked plastic water bottle with the logo of your box, do you? The choice is not very complicated… Send me flowers. Please.

7. Sandwiches don’t have a hat

Okkkkk, so there, I’m being told that guys confuse “sandwiches” and “sandwiches”, and nobody says anything ???? WOW. It’s hot, though.

8. In December, it’s only daylight 7 hours a day

And conversely, it is daytime for 5 p.m. in July! As much, 17h of sun/24h, why not! But 5 p.m. at night/24 a.m. Oh yeah, I understand the beer thing better at 16! Maybe we should think about legalizing rum and gin at the same age, right?

9. There are more bikes than people in the capital

602,000 inhabitants for 675,000 bicycles in Copenhagen. It’s great, but you still have to explain to me… Guys who have several bikes for one person, what’s the delirium? A bike a day? A bike that matches your clothes? A bike for the guests (that’s really nice)? In short, in any case, Copenhagen is becoming the world capital of cycling, and that is still damn stylish. One more argument in the top of the reasons to go live in Copenhagen!

10. Danes don’t say “please”

Okaaaaay-haaaaan. Super example of education-haaaaan. Be sure that I will NEVER send my little Stanislas on a trip there, no but oh-haaaaan!!! Don’t worry, even if the Danes don’t have the habit of inserting this formula in their sentences, they have a thousand ways of saying “Thank you” (“Tak”, “Tusind tak”, “Mange tak”,…). And honestly, aren’t a thousand “thanks” worth all the “pleases” in the world? I leave you to meditate.

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