Top 10 Things Foreigners Think Are French, When Actually Not

The Anglo-Saxons spend their lives putting French in front of something to sell it for more, give it a sulphurous tone or simply excuse its strangeness. Old rivalry, but geographical approximation: many things are unduly attributed to us. Finally, let us establish the truth a little.

1. Fries

French fries, french fries they say, Americans. No. The fries are Belgian. Already the Belgians have the seum because of the World Cup, if in addition we steal the most famous thing they have invented, we will not get out of it. It is a priori at the beginning of the 18th century that the Belgians began to fry potatoes to cope with the shortage of small fry when the sea did not give so many sturgeons. Let’s give Caesar what is Caesar’s.

2. The French Bulldog

The bulldog is English. But it was imported to France around 1850 and quickly crossed with other breeds and adopted. Except that bulldogs that looked strangely like it already existed as companion dogs in the United Kingdom. In short, a priori, the bulldog is English.

3. The French manicure

It was a guy from Hollywood who created the French manicure and presented it to the French during a fashion show in Paris. But it’s the only thing that connects the French manicure to France, because otherwise it’s an entirely American creation.

Top 10 things foreigners think are french, when actually not
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4. French toast

From the 4th century, the Romans made French toast. They dipped stale bread in milk and eggs before frying it. But it’s always nice to see that the Anglo-Saxons lend us the coolest inventions at the culinary level (and at the ass level too).

5. The beret

The French ? Guys wearing a beret, a baguette and a bottle of red. However, as early as the Bible, reference is made to the beret worn by Noah. From ancient Greece, men wore berets and the tradition continued, even reaching a peak during the Middle Ages.

6. The crescent

Let it be said once and for all: the croissant was invented in Vienna after the Austro-Hungarians defeated the Turks; a pastry chef perfected this little recipe whose shape recalled the crescent moon of the Ottoman flag as a snub to the defeated army. At least, that’s what the legend says.

7. Yves Montand

One of the most famous French actors and singers in the United States (particularly because of the affair he had with Marilyn) was not born in France but in Italy under the surname of Ivo Livi. He had dual nationality, having been naturalized French in 1929, at the age of 8. So yes, he was French, but not only.

8. The French kiss

Kissing with the tongue now has a name, in France, and it is not “French kiss”. The recognition of the term “galocher” by the French Academy is extremely recent and only the Anglo-Saxons asked themselves the question of the name to give to this type of kiss which consists of mixing its miasmas in a sexual way. Type of kiss found everywhere in the world except of course in puritanical societies.

9. Existentialism

Existentialism may be a humanism à la Saint-Germain-des-Prés, but it is not an invention of Sartre. Sartre only recovered the bases of a German philosophy whose most famous representatives (or precursors) were the proponents of phenomenology, notably Husserl. And before that, already, Kierkegaard had laid the foundations of existential philosophy. So good.

10. Hercule Poirot

He’s Belgian, damn it, stop saying he’s French! He can’t take it anymore, poor Hercules.

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