Top 10 things Americans do that we good guys will never understand

The States remain one of our favorite destinations abroad, yet their inhabitants have habits and customs that are very strange to us. And finally, isn’t that the charm of the foreigner? No, I’m kidding, they’re completely crazy, we don’t understand them, why don’t they act like us?

1. Their pharmacies sell a lot of stuff besides drugs, including cigarettes

It’s not exactly the same in all states, but there you can find stores that sell medicine, food, everyday items and cigarettes. At the same time, it’s good, pharmacists are renewing their clientele. They could make a package deal of cigarettes + chemo, that would work well.

2. Their dishes are 10 times too big

The smallest burger there is 50 floors higher than those at home, the pizzas are huge and you are served 10-litre glasses. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but Americans really have a problem with quantities. The other time I was in New York, it was raining, I was able to shelter for 2 hours in my burger.

3. Salespeople ask how you’re doing but don’t expect an answer

With us, we sometimes ask you if you’re okay even if we don’t care, but you answer anyway, it’s normal small talk. In the United States, you don’t even have to answer, it’s like saying “hello” to you. So why are they asking? It’s a mystery.

4. They put a ton of ice cubes everywhere

Your glass looks like an igloo, it’s half filled with ice cubes as soon as it gets a little warm outside. It looks like a cocktail bought in a rotten nightclub, the one where you put lots of ice to hide the fact that it contains no alcohol. And that brings back bad memories for me.

5. They drive gigantic cars

LOOK HOW GOOD I AM IN MY 5 METERS LONG 4X4. We are happy to have very small city cars that can park anywhere, especially when you live in big cities, but in the USA it’s a bit up to whoever has the biggest, even if it means polluting like big nags. We don’t really understand the principle.

6. They do baby showers

The baby shower is a pre-natal party, basically you celebrate the arrival of your baby while he is not there yet, and it is an opportunity to be offered tons of gifts. Except that for us it’s totally absurd, especially when you know that pregnancy is still a bit risky and you’re not sure that everything is going to be okay during childbirth. We’ll wait until the little complainer has come into the world, huh.

7. They buy bottled egg whites

Okay, egg white is fine, it’s good for your health, it’s full of protein and it cures eyelash cancer, but frankly it’s too weird to buy it in bottles when it already exists in the eggs. And where do the yellow ones end up? Because I haven’t seen any bottles of egg yolk on the market.

Egg and milk choices

8. They pay WAY TOO much for their studies

In France, public universities do not cost much, and some schools can go up to around 10,000 euros per year, which is already a lot. In the United States, a year of university study will draw between 15,000 and 50,000 dollars a year, and all that seems normal. So yes, they have better equipment than here, but in the end the parents very often have to go into debt to pay for their children’s studies. In their place I wouldn’t have children and I would buy myself a swimming pool where I would invite all my friends, including you.

9. They are far too friendly at first sight.

The Americans are almost freaking out about it, they make such a big deal out of it when they meet you. We are already a little too crazy for the Japanese, so imagine their reaction when they find themselves in front of a person who is very excited at the idea of ​​hugging you. They must be having a heart attack in the elbow.

10. They display the prices without the tax

You go to a store, you look at the label of a product, and when you go to the checkout the price is different. Because you have the tax on top. We say it like that, huh, but wouldn’t it be a little easier to make it like at home? It’s not that we’re the best, but frankly we make life less complicated.

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