Top 10 tallest trees in the world, the ones that look down on us

You may have noticed this reflex that humans have developed to want to compete with everything that comes to hand. While huge trees were quietly taking root around the world, curious scientists went in search of them to find out who would find the tallest. And it seems that there are even sites that have been doing rankings for it…

1. The Hyperion in California

Discovered in 2006 by a botanist on a walk, this giant sequoia measures a whopping 115.85m in height, the equivalent of a 43-storey building! Specialists estimate that it will hardly go any higher because of the Woodpeckers who squat the top floors and have obviously messed up the place. As for wanting to take a look, all we know is that the Hyperion (which means in Greek: “the one who is above”) is located in the middle of Redwood National Park in California, but its exact location is kept secret to avoid the presence of formidable predators: us!

2. The Menara on the island of Borneo

The “Tower” in Malay is at 1008 meters tall, the tallest flowering tree in the world (even if between us it mostly looks like a huge broccoli). Although higher than its congeners, it was only discovered in 2018 during an aerial mapping campaign, then measured by a local climber who is to date the first known man to have climbed such a plant.

3. The Centurion in Tasmania

This Eucalyptus 100.5 meters high (which explains its little name “Centurion”), is somewhere in southern Tasmania. It was discovered by chance in 2008, the same twist of fate which undoubtedly allowed it to escape the fires which ravaged the forest where it is located in 2019, and of which it still bears the stigmata at the base of its trunk blackened by the flames.

4. The Doerner Fir in Oregon

This XXL fir beast is a 99.7 meter tall monument nestled in Coos County in the southwest of the state of Oregon in the United States. An old branch which seems on the other hand to encounter some erectile problems in recent years, regularly losing a few centimeters of prestige.

5. Raven’s Tower in California

A favorite tree of goths, even GoT fans, Raven’s Tower is one to look down on people. 96.7m to be exact. A rather rare experience since nothing indicates that we are at the foot of one of the largest trees in the world, and that no map specifies its location. All we know is that he and his gigantic congeners squat Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park on the northwest coast of California.

6. The Unnamed Redwood in California

He is tall (95m) but obviously does not like to be noticed. It must be said that in the region, on the side of Redwood Grove, all the trees look like skyscrapers and compete as much in height as in diameter. This anonymous sequoia would be no exception if humans hadn’t had fun making it participate in a contest of who would have the longest.

7. The White Knight in Tasmania

This is the small name given by man to the rare specimens of the Eucalyptus species that exceed the usual measurements. One of them which reaches nearly 92m high is in the Evercreech Forest reserve which has made it one of its main attractions. A staging that has saved him several times from ending up in Ikea furniture.

8. The Neeminah Loggerale Meena (or Mother and Daughter) still in Tasmania

This giant eucalyptus is a survivor who, from the height of its 90.6m and a few hundred years old, has been able to resist all attacks. Struck by lightning in the 2010s, it is regularly threatened by the fires that ravage the region, especially those of 2019 which almost reduced it to ashes.

9. The Goat Marsh Giant in Washington State

Quite simply, The Greatest of all time is “only” 89 m high and would have finished growing a long time ago, since at almost 350 years old, some gossips say that it smells a bit like fir for him!

10. The Sequoia of Ribeauvillé in the Haut-Rhin

Certainly, its 58 meters high does not normally allow it to appear in this top, but this giant sequoia located in France near the town of Ribeauvillé is at least on the podium in our patriotic heart. Above all, it is the tallest sequoia in the world outside the United States. Well done little guy!

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