Top 10 stupid thoughts you have when breastfeeding, “some people have…

Well, let’s be clear from the start: whether you’re breastfeeding or not, you’re going to have the thoughts of assholes who always have a say in everything and nothing (especially nothing oddly). There’s a multitude of people who love to open their mouth when they should kindly close it, and, strangely, as soon as it touches kids or breasts from near or far, it jostles at the gate. If you have decided to breastfeed your child, you may hear these kinds of thoughts during this time.

1. “Don’t breastfeed him too long, otherwise he’ll be dependent on you”

Yes finally we have never seen a 17 year old teenager suckle his mother huh, it’s a bit weird otherwise. Then a baby who is dependent on his mother is quite logical, given that he comes out of his womb.

Top 10 stupid thoughts you have when breastfeeding, "some people have...

2. “With breastfeeding, you don’t leave room for the father”

So one, shut up, and two: ah good? Because a father can’t have a special relationship with his baby without breastfeeding him? It’s true that breastmilk bottles don’t exist, neither do baths, that a baby changes, dresses, plays on his own… There’s not a single moment that a father can share with his kid, since his nipples are not useful. No, but frankly, what not to hear.

3. “How does it taste?” I can taste ? »

And my hand in your face, do you want to taste it too? If you have a little craving for breast milk, it may be time to start a psychoanalysis and unravel a little all the unfinished relationship you have with your own mother.

Top 10 stupid thoughts you have when breastfeeding, "some people have...

4. “Aren’t you afraid your boobs look like washcloths?” »

It’s funny, this kind of reflection is often made by people who have the ass instead of the head and who should sincerely avoid making the slightest reflection on the physique of others. Hospital, charity, all that stuff.

5. “Me in my day, we drank beer while breastfeeding, it made better milk”

Yes, and we put the babies to bed in the middle of 300 stuffed animals, and we gave them a small dice of whiskey in the evening bottle to make them sleep. Fortunately, times have changed grandma, maybe we should get a little up to date. Breast milk is not pancake batter.

Top 10 stupid thoughts you have when breastfeeding, "some people have...
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6. “You shouldn’t breastfeed in the middle of a heat wave, your milk will sour”

Well yes of course, since breast milk is distributed directly from a bottle left in the middle of the day all day. So no, once and for all: the breast milk that comes out of the breast cannot turn, curdle, all those words in “er”.

7. “And when will you finally give him real milk?” »

Because what is this, imaginary milk? It’s crazy people who think that powdered cow’s milk is the only milk that really nourishes a baby, on the pretext that it’s in an iron can. They have shares in Lactalis or what?

Top 10 stupid thoughts you have when breastfeeding, "some people have...

8. “Are you doing this so you don’t share it with others?” »

Yes, because I want to live all my life in a cellar with my child without him being able to see the light of day, and we’ll do dolls’ hair together and I’ll be his only friend, the one he can never leave, and all the other women will seem very insipid to him next to me.

9. “You have to stop breastfeeding him on demand, he’s going to be obese”

It’s funny, you’re probably not breastfed and your ass is the size of Siberia, it’s a strange phenomenon.

10. “Do you mind being naked in public?” »

What’s especially embarrassing is that people think that a breast shouldn’t be anything but an exciting part of a woman’s body, when it’s initially just a big baby bottle, like all mammals what. The problem isn’t breastfeeding in public, it’s that it’s a problem for others.

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