Top 10 Stuff That’s Popular Just Because It’s American

“If the Ricans weren’t there, you would all be in Germany, talking about I don’t know what, greeting I don’t know who”. You thought it was impossible to start a top with Michel Sardou? It’s because you don’t know what firewood I’m using. Today we are therefore going to look with joy at these highly symbolic cultural tricks which would certainly not have known such international popularity if they had not been American.

1. Black Friday

This completely broken practice of rushing to stores on the first Friday after Thanksgiving in order to take advantage of tireless reductions, would probably never have had such an impact if it hadn’t come from the States. People dedicated to overconsumption of all kinds. A nice bitch if you want my opinion that makes no sense in the rest of the world since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving there.

2. The red cups

By dint of seeing them in all the American high school comedies, the famous Red Cups have gained ground by becoming the ultimate container of coolness in the evening. Okay, we’re talking about coolness but don’t forget that a plastic cup for drinking shots when you can use a glass is frankly asshole.

3. Coca-Cola

Is there a more American symbol than this? No. The soda star naturally owes its notoriety to American imperialism. Come on, will you take a good dose of sugar again?

4. Superhero movies

99% of superhero movies come straight from comics, a genre of comics born in the United States, which explains why ALL superhero movies come to us from across the Atlantic. Yes yes, we have a few elsewhere here and there but it’s highly of the American cam.

Top 10 Stuff Thats Popular Just Because Its American

5. Jeans

It’s vaaaaaa, don’t bring it back with your science based on “Did you know? the word “jeans” comes from the city of Genoa, hence its name, and even that Denim comes from “De Nîmes” crazy thing, right? ». Still, jeans pants have finally known glory thanks to a small clothing brand: Levi Strauss & Co, I don’t know if that speaks to you.

6. Hip-hop

When I listen to hip-hop, I rarely think of sounds from Turkey, Vietnam or Estonia. So there may be, eh, I’m not saying. But between us, Hip-hop evokes much more the flag of the US.

7. Graduation ceremonies

This tradition so popular in the United States that we find in many films ended up seducing universities and schools in other countries. And in real life it’s rather nice, too bad we don’t have that for the baccalaureate yet with our old table of results all farted published in the hallway of the school.


Go figure why we’re celebrating in France when we’ve got pumpkin rinds and we’ve all been traumatized by Michael Myers. Here’s another nice gift from the States that allows us to consume a little more stupid stuff during this dark time of the year not yet ravaged by Christmas shopping.

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9. Peanut butter

Certainly mankind’s worst invention, peanut butter is also an intense source of joy and guilt. And guess where we eat sandwiches all day long? …Bastards.

10. BBQ

A word on everyone’s lips since Sandrine Rousseau called it a “symbol of virility”, this activity actually appreciated by guys, which consists of filling their stomachs with meat that is too fatty and too grilled, ideal for promoting our colorectal cancer, also comes of States. Dirty business.

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