Top 10 Stuff Names Nobody Agrees On

There are topics of debate that age like good wines, we never get tired of them and we bring them out every evening. The or the wifi? Do you put the knives down or up in the dishwasher? And the tomato, is it a fruit or a vegetable? Obviously, the existential questions that we prefer remain the famous “And that, what do you call that?” and that’s the topic of the day.

1. Swiss bread / drops / pepito / bear paw

All the bakeries in France and Navarre have a different name for this slightly cloying pastry with cream and chocolate chips. The name that comes up the most is the famous “Swiss bread” but who knows why, there are always a lot of people who don’t agree.

2. Pans / cups / fondue pots

For me, it’s obvious that the cheese accessory is called a skillet, but during raclette evenings, everyone goes by their nickname. We should agree once and for all.

Top 10 Stuff Names Nobody Agrees On

3. A drying rack / tancarville / dryer / clothes dryer

Do you know why some people call the clothes airer a “tancarville”? This comes from the fact that the basic shape of the dryer recalls that of the Tancarville bridge. Yes, because it’s actually a city (geography aces obviously already knew that). A beautiful anecdote, certainly, but which does not tell us what to call this object. Let’s vote for clothesline, right?

4. A wooden pencil / pencil / gray pencil / lead pencil

The name given to the pencil has been debated for generations, simply because the name differs depending on the region in which one lives. Apparently, we say rather wooden pencil in the Pays de la Loire and the north of France while gray pencil would be more present in Brittany. It’s still typically French not even to agree on the names of objects.

5. the pitcher / carafe / jug / jug / water jug

Here is a common object that can be called in a thousand different ways and strangely, it doesn’t shock anyone. That’s also the beauty of the French language, being able to say “pass me the carafe, please” and be answered “here, the pitcher! “.

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6. A block – adapter – tip – plug

The real name for this object is “mains adapter” but it’s far too long. So, we have to improvise and we all too often end up saying “you can pass me a charger, fine not the wire like the thing you plug in there” and it’s much longer.

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7. crouton – chunk – bottom of the bread

Depending on the region, we don’t call the end of the bread in the same way, the one that is well toasted and that we don’t want to share at all. In my native Brittany, we say crouton but in the South, it’s rather quignon that prevails.

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8. Cups – studs – Kipsta

Do you remember those things we used in sports lessons and basketball or football practices? So you just as surely remember that no one agreed on the name of the object. In reality, we say cup but it’s really ugly so some improvise.

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9. A panther / a leopard / a big cat

The day I learned that the leopard and the panther were the same animal, my life didn’t really change. However, I was a little surprised. And if you didn’t know before, I hope this info will have the same effect on you.

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Photo credits (CC BY 2.5): Patrick Giraud (edited to fix white balance)

10. M Pokora / Matt Pokora / The guy who sings there

Changing your stage name when you’re already a little known is one of the worst ideas in the universe, but clearly, M Pokora didn’t give a damn. Afterwards, it’s not as if anyone still pronounces his name today.

If you have other useless debates to propose, know that this is our favorite topic of discussion so do not hesitate to share all this with us in comments.

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