Top 10 strange facts that could save your life one day

How to survive the many adventures that life offers us? If certain survival tips are legion, be aware that there are a number of completely unexpected little tips that could well save your ass in case of trouble.

2. When you want to help someone in danger, remember not to put yourself in danger

It’s really a piece of advice said like that but we don’t realize how much the people who help other people very often put themselves in a situation of danger adding work and risks to the following who will have to help you. rescue in addition to the first person. In short, don’t play dumb and don’t be reckless.

3. In the desert, never walk during the day (and especially not between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) and go around the dunes

We could do a whole top dedicated to survival tips in the desert, this unwelcoming place for people who are not camels. We will therefore advise you first of all to travel at night if the Moon illuminates you enough and if not early in the morning and late in the day. Moreover, to avoid getting tired, it is better to go around the dunes than to face them. And finally, to be found, use a mirror during the day or burn something that burns like a tire.

4. Overall, when you get lost, avoid moving from where you are

If you’re lost, it’s a safe bet that people are looking for you, but to help them a little it’s better to screw your ass where you are and wait patiently for someone to come and help you. It’s counter-intuitive but yet highly useful, I assure you.

5. If you see someone behaving like they’re drunk even though they haven’t had anything to drink: ask them to smile and if they only smile on one side, they’re probably doing it. an attack

…or that he’s just completely drunk. But if in doubt, take the risk of calling the emergency services and asking them for their opinion, they are really nice people.

6. A bag of black tea can limit or even stop bleeding

Well stay stable it doesn’t work either if you have just opened your femoral artery with the cutting edge of a sheet of A4 paper. This technique is more relevant on small bleedings such as the gums. We then preferably use black tea whose tannic acid acts perfectly.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with tea we say

7. Lie full length to survive a falling building or crashing an elevator

Again, it’s not very intuitive, but it happens to work. I didn’t say it would ensure your survival, calm down, let’s say it gives you some meager hopes of not having a total crush on the ground.

8. Use your pants as a lifeline

Ok well then you have to find yourself in a rather extreme situation in futal with the only solution of throwing yourself into the sea but listen these are things that happen when you get up with your left foot. In short, if you’re too lazy to swim for 17 days, fire me those pants, tie a very tight knot between the two legs, and fill it with air.

9. If you put a plastic bag around a willow branch, condensation bubbles will form and you will get drinking water.

Well, be careful, I’m not telling you that you’ll have three liters of float to quench your thirst, but if you’re in survival mode in the forest and you have a plastic bag under your elbow, that’s enough to keep you busy for 5 minutes.

10. To avoid drowning when you are carried away by a current, you have to swim parallel to the coast

The famous rip currents can trap us very quickly in certain seas and carry us out to sea. Naturally we tend to want to swim against the current to reach the edge of the water but don’t count on it, it’s the best way to drown. The best thing is therefore to let yourself be carried out to sea (even if it can be quite scary, I grant you).

And would you rather survive cancer or be late in delivering your Vinted package????? Answer.

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