Top 10 stories behind cult internet videos

There are hundreds of videos that we know by heart without really knowing where they come from or why they exist. After explaining to you the origin of famous memes, we thought we could do the same with French-language videos that have become cult. Sorry, the video of Nils breaking his mother’s camera is not in this top (because there’s nothing to explain).

1. Dancing Pallbearers

In southern Ghana, a business of dancing pallbearers has been thriving for over 20 years. This choreography is an option proposed for the funeral of a deceased person in order to celebrate his past life (this proposal is only made if the deceased person was elderly). The Dancing Pallbearers’ business is highly regarded in Ghana and has become a tradition, so much so that the BBC did a feature on them in 2017. Three years later, a video clip is paired with the music Astronomy and becomes a meme.

2. “But you’re not clean Baptiste!”

The excerpt from the live of Baptiste playing with fire in his room is one of the most viral French videos of the 2010s. In 2017, a teenager launched a live in his underpants and tried an experiment: burning Kevlar, a material resistant to the heat. Years later, Baptiste explained what happened to him that night. Having slept all day, he wondered if he was going to be able to sleep at night so he could wake up at 4am and catch the bus at 5am to go to class. So he took two sleeping pills without considering the side effects and the next morning he didn’t remember the gig at all or the argument with his mother.

3. “You can be do what we want to do”

In 2015, François Hollande went to the Philippines, and made a short speech that will not go unnoticed. The purpose of the trip is to draw attention to the fight against climate change and urge leaders to reach a climate agreement a few months later in Paris. Hollande therefore addresses the inhabitants of the island of Guiuan, the site of Typhoon Haiyan which killed tens of thousands of people two years earlier, and we cannot help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. .

4. “Tequila, Heineken, no time to fool around”

In 2012, a Quebecer became famous overnight thanks to his incredible expression: “Tequila, Heineken, no time to fool around”. This video is actually an excerpt from a promotional video for the Copacabana nightclub in Montreal: the employee of an event promotion agency has to walk around the nightclub and ask people if they are happy with be there. The young man’s response seems spontaneous but the full video shows it’s not the first take. The rest of the video makes no sense, it’s worth watching until the end.

5. “But that’s great!”

A few years ago, a video of a little boy talking to his sister was posted on the internet years after it was shot and went viral. The child has obviously received good news and he is delighted but we will never know why. A few months ago, the grown-up kid in question posted the “long” version of the video where we see the child raving even more. Unfortunately, he himself said he couldn’t remember why he was happy and that he was probably acting.

6. “I have money”

David Castello-Lopes is a funny man, very funny. He became known while working at Canal with his short format “Since when” and in 2020, the good David started working for Swiss Radio and Television by offering sections around Switzerland, its assets and its clichés. In the episode “Why Do People Buy Super Expensive Swiss Watches?” », David integrates a song from his repertoire which quickly becomes a meme.

7. “Beliève, believe in our dreams”

In 2013, L’Obs reported on Justin Bieber fans who crowd around the Bercy hall to try to catch a glimpse of the star visiting Paris. The journalist asks the teenagers if they have a message to pass on to Justin and among all the answers, only one will become famous: “Beliève, believe in our dreams, thank you Justin Bieber, we love you”. If you see this top, dear Belieber, write to us!

8. “I love to laugh”

There are advertisements that remain in the memories and we can say that that of Sanogyl “Whiteness and Care” surpassed all the others by the stupidity of its text. The ad begins with a burst of laughter and we hear the voice of Karine Lemarchand saying “I love laughing”. It makes no sense, who says that?

9. “I love water, in 20/30 years there will be more”

Jean-Claude Van Damme is an actor, of course, but he is above all a character. For him, it is necessary be aware and enjoy the water before it’s gone. In truth, he was rather right (but it would have been better to preserve the water rather than to put it in plastic). In this interview for France 3, Jean-Claude is in his gym and talks about his life: his wife, his children, enjoying every second, his childhood, his dogs and of course, the importance of water.

10. The famous “AH!” by Denis Brogniart

Even people who have never watched Koh Lanta have already heard the “AH! » became cult of Denis Brogniart but only the fans of the show remember what motivated this exclamation. In fact, Denis’ “Ah” is a shocked expression of Laurence’s internalized misogyny that insinuates that if there had been more boys on her team, they would already have a shack. At the same time, Denis’ question made no sense and was clearly expecting a sexist answer.

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