Top 10 stars who were fired from their role as muse by brands

Stars are capable of doing things like getting revenge on their exes in amazing ways or getting into the most generous star rankings. But still most often they are simply paid a large sum of money to represent a brand by becoming the muse and it can get out of hand in an instant these kinds of contracts. It’s quite the subject of today’s top, life is so damn good.

1. Kate Moss and several luxury brands

Muse of Chanel, Burberry and H&M Kate Moss probably hit a pretty good fortune at the time. The problem is that she went to rehab and that was not salesman salesman as they say in the middle of the pub. Photos sniffing coke aren’t too chic and luxurious, so the three brands have decided to break their contracts almost at the same time.

2. Romeo Elvis and Lacoste

The Belgian rapper who briefly became one of Lacoste’s muses saw his contract cut short when a sexual assault case broke out. It went quickly enough on the side of Lacoste to let go of the contract and decide not to work with him anymore and that is clearly understandable.

3. Burt Reynolds and the “Florida department of citrus”

The American actor had a partnership with this association to make a series of advertisements for orange juice. In it he occasionally mentioned his wife and thus represented the American dream of the happily married man. Finally that was until his divorce where inevitably it broke this image and the contract at the same time. Legend says he has never had orange juice since.

4. Vanessa Hessler and the Alice brand

Well, this internet operator has since disappeared, but at the time there was a TV ad with the muse Vanessa Hessler. The thing is that one fine day the brand realized that it was supporting Gaddafi and it didn’t go over very well in terms of brand representation and all that. Whoops, end of contract.

5. Britney Spears and Pepsi

In 2002, before becoming a painter and doing lots of canvases, Britney was the face of the Pepsi brand and it could very well have happened if we hadn’t seen her drink Coke so many times. And you may not know it but Pepsi and Coke are the Abel and Cain of soda, not at all buddies guys. Suddenly clap of end for these beautiful pubs with the tunes of the year 2000.

6. Eugenie Bouchard and Colgate and Aviva

This professional tennis player was sponsored by these two big brands until her match scores dropped in 2018. Since she was no longer too high on the podium, the brands decided to break their contracts because you understand they want winners, losers don’t sell.

7. Rihanna and Nivea

What is a bit stupid with this case is that the contract that linked the singer and the brand was stopped because of a fully validated advertisement. In the image of the famous ad, we saw Rihanna topless with her arms crossed that covered her chest. The thing was photographed, validated and distributed by Nivea but parents started to think it was too sexual and suddenly the brand broke the contract directly. A bit of a jerk.

8. Sharon Stone and Christian Dior

The actress slipped a little when she called a 2008 earthquake in China a sign of karma for what the country was doing in Tibet. Since the brand was selling a lot in China, it put Dior in a delicate position and we therefore decided to replace it quickly.

9. Mila Kunis and Jim Beam

The famous American whiskey brand had a big contract with the actress in 2017 until one day in an interview she said that she gave money to family planning every month, which is clearly to her credit . Except that the brand being quite conservative, it went rather badly with the managers and some of the customers and the contract was canceled. Suddenly, it was the brand that was boycotted by another part of the clientele and this is called a backlash.

10. Rob Scheider and State Farms

State Farms is an American life insurance company and it has its importance in the choice to end the contract which bound it to actor Rob Schneider. Basically the gentleman started to declare everywhere that he was antivax (it happened before the covid) and inevitably it went quite badly with a good part of the customers but especially directly for the company which still sells life insurance.

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