Top 10 Stars Who Respond To Fan Letters (I’m Jealous)

If there’s one thing we’ve all dreamed of having in our lives, it’s a letter from our idol. Me, it’s Squeezie (Squeezie, I’m in love with you, please contact me on my guestbook). There are others for whom it’s Barack Obama or David Bowie. And these very lucky people were able to receive an answer from their idols (while I don’t know if you know but Squeezie never answered me). So here it is, to taunt us and show that they are above us, they like to share them and show us that they are superior to us. These bastards.

1. Barack Obama responds to all wedding invitations from strangers

Congratulations for your marriage. May this special moment be celebrated with love, laughter and joy. We wish you the best for your time together, and we hope your bond will grow stronger with each passing year. »

I get this letter, I leave my fiancé and I propose to Barak in marriage eh, he is too cute.

2. John Cleese likes to troll his fans

Dear Matthew,

I’m afraid I’m too important to write to people like you. Please remember that I am very very very very important. However, there is no John Cleese Fan Club (despite my prominence) because they were all murdered in 1983 by Michael Palins fan club. I am attaching a photo of me to remind you of my importance.

Sincerely, John Cleese. »

There, I immediately want to become John Cleese’s best friend, because this man looks really funny.

3. Always Obama who likes to respond to his fans

Thank you for the letter you wrote to me this summer. It landed on my desk as one of dozens I read every day, and it meant a lot to me to read it, and despite your initial disappointment, my Presidency has made a difference for something that means so much to you. I was very moved to read your thoughts on the National Park Service, and I’m proud to have built this with the work of everyone who came before me. These sacred spaces have enriched the lives of Americans for generations, and I hope my efforts will encourage young people like you to make their own connections to the spaces that have shaped our history.

Once again, thank you for your kind message. Serving you as President has been the best privilege of my entire life, and I send you and your family my best wishes. »

It’s beautiful, it’s touching, it makes us want to have a National Parks Service too (please Manu), and we’re very happy.

4. David Bowie who wrote to his very first American fan in 1967

Dear Sandra,

A while ago, I received my very first American fan letter, and it was yours. I was so happy that I had to sit down and write a straight answer, even though Ken is yelling at me to send him a badly needed script. It can wait.


I hope one day to be able to go to the United States. Thank you for writing to me and please write to me again and tell me more about yourself.

David Bowie »

It’s super cute, even more so when you know the success he had afterwards, but Sandra will be able to boast all her life of having been the first American fan of David Bowie.

5. JK Rowling who was extremely touched by a fan letter

Dear Sacia,

Thank you for your incredible letter, incredible because it sounds a lot like Harry, whether it’s for your physical resemblance or your life experience. I can’t tell you how moved I was by what you wrote, or how sorry I was when I read for your parents.

I know what it’s like to be bullied, since it happened to me during my teenage years. I can only wish you to have the same experience as mine, and to become happier and more secure when you get older. Being a teenager can be downright awful, and many of the successful people in life have gone through the same thing. I think the problem is adolescence, even though it’s often misrepresented as a time of rebellion. (…)

It’s an honor for me to know that someone like you loves Harry like you love him. Thank you very much for writing to me. I will treasure your letter (which gives you the right to brag about this answer all you want).

With all my love, JK Rowling. »

Imagine you receive a love letter from Harry Potter’s mother. Serious. How I would brag everyday.

6. Joe Biden who liked the idea of ​​a little boy to stop the guns

Dear Myles, I’m sorry it took so long to respond to your letter. I really like your idea. If we had guns that sent chocolate, it would make our country much safer, and we would be much happier. People love chocolate. You are a good boy. Joe Biden. »

So, I don’t know how old Myles is, but personally I’m told “you’re a good boy” as if I were a little doggie, President of the United States or not, I show up and break everything. Afterwards, it must be said that you have to be either very young or a bit stupid to offer guns that shoot chocolate. How are you planning to do that, huh Myles, tell me? Eh ??? Do you see that this idea sucks???

7. Sigmund Freud who reassured a mother about her son’s homosexuality

So, it’s impossible to read and you can well imagine that if I had wanted to be a translator I wouldn’t be at Topito, but basically he is responding to a mother who had sent him a letter because she was worried that his son was homosexual, and he responded by telling her that homosexuality was as normal as heterosexuality and that she shouldn’t worry. Well, of course, it’s a little longer than that, otherwise the letter wouldn’t be 12 pages, but it’s summed up perfectly. Ok, Freud was a big jerk on many points, but at least he wasn’t homophobic, that’s a shame.

8. Matt Groening who was trying to publicize The Simpsons

We see Matt Groening at the very beginning of The Simpsons asking a fan if she knows The Simpsons, and telling her that he’s trying to make it a real show, even though the TV channels aren’t convinced. It’s kind of funny when you know that now, the WHOLE world knows about the Simpsons (and the Simpsons know us too, since apparently they are the ones who control the world.

9. Mark Hamill who sent a signed photo to a little girl

The Luke Skywalker actor also enjoys answering fan letters. Mark Hamill, who had received a fan letter, replied with an autographed photo of him and a cute note. And me, just seeing the image of the little one too happy in her photo, that makes me happy. Squeezie, if you’re reading this…

10. Taylor Swift who sent a letter to a fan after receiving a letter from her mother

We can’t see the letter very well, but we can still read ” I’m so happy that you write letters to people without expecting a thank you. Lots of love, Taylor“.

It’s beautiful, we would all have dreamed of receiving the same letter from my idol when we were little (like me if I receive this from Squeezie I cry for 14 years without stopping, Squeezie if you read this send me a letter love please)

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