Top 10 stars who refused to participate in Les Enfoirés

There are a lot of people who don’t participate in Les Enfoirés. For example, to name just one, me. So, I see you coming with your “Yes but you’re neither a star, nor a good singer, nor a good actress so nobody wants you haha, dirty shit” already I don’t allow you, my mom tells me always said that I would be a big star, and frankly I don’t see the correlation between not being a star and not participating in Les Enfoirés. Even if it’s for reasons that are surely very different from mine, there are plenty of other stars who haven’t participated in Les Enfoirés, and the reasons are surely very different.

1. Stromae

Stromae refused to participate in Les Enfoirés because he found it weird to mix his image with a charity. For him, we should “be able to support associations in a more discreet way, without taking advantage of them”. It’s quite classy, ​​we can understand. But we have the seum of never seeing “Dad, where are you? to the Enfoirés, what.

2. Johnny Hallyday

Already, there he can’t too much, technically it would be a bit complicated for him. (Forgive me but I had to…I’ll catch up, I promise). And, even if for a time, Johnny was part of the troupe, in 2015, he decided to slam the door of the Enfoirés, because according to him, too many people who were not in the business were part of it and he did not want be likened to a clown. Well yeah, he’s not here to clown around, Johnny, he actually wants to light the fire.

3. Eddy Mitchell

For almost the same reason as his friend Johnny, Eddy Mitchell had stopped the Enfoirés, regretting “a commercial operation” that had nothing to do with music. “I’m not going to accompany tennis players, TV guys. I’m not going to lug around with people who can’t sing, ”argued the singer. Well, at least that has the merit of being clear. On the other hand, he continued to send money, which is still quite nice. Thanks Eddie.


Renaud may still be alive, still standing, still the potato, but he’s no longer in Les Enfoirés. The reason is that, according to him, “poverty is the mop of charity”. So personally, I don’t really understand what that means, it could seriously be a subject of Philo’s BAC, but apparently, the fact that the show was open to athletes of all kinds, did not please Renaud no more. Guys, is Kylian MBappé pissing you off so much?

5. Yannick Noah

Ah well here is a sportsman who ended up leaving the Enfoirés. You surprise me, given the welcome that the others seemed to give them. Yannick Noah was present in all the editions between 2002 and 2007, but he ended up no longer coming, due to the 5-star accommodation available to the artists. “I come to a charity, it’s not to put me up in a Palace”, he said. So we saw him again in 2011 and 2012, so maybe he missed the hotel a bit, but he hasn’t been back since.

6. Master Gims

The rapper said in 2013 that he would not feel “comfortable in Le Monde des Enfoirés”. He said he would feel like a hypocrite and would feel like he was pretending. “Once MC Solaar put on shorts, leather, garter belts… I wouldn’t be able to do that. It can be misinterpreted by my audience. I am a street child, I do not see myself there”. We understand you Master, just if the Enfoirés asked you to take off your sunglasses, it would already be complicated so I can imagine. Thank you Master Caïd.

7. Julien Dore

Julien Doré has ALWAYS refused to be part of the troupe, despite numerous requests. And it’s pretty much for the same reasons as the others, since he said, “They want us to think they’re a bunch of buddies, that’s bullshit. Footballers or rugby players who come just one evening to show their faces, that bothers me”. And then, for him too, charity is not showing oneself in public. Let him meet Stromaé please, I think it can give a nice little couple, there.

8. Alexandra Lamy

Even if Jean-Jacques Goldman (yes, the one who sings the Kids United songs there, or perhaps the opposite) has offered Alexandra Lamy several times to participate in Les Enfoirés, she has never responded positively to the invitation. So, we have no source explaining why she doesn’t want to, but if you want, to please you, I can give you an explanation invented from my imagination: “I didn’t want to hang out with Joséphine the Guardian Angel”. And bah, super nice Alexandra, well done.

9. Orelsan

So, I thought I was making a joke in the point before, but in fact it turns out that Orelsan said that in the first degree, him. “I don’t want to sing with Mimie Mathy and do the sketches,” he said. Super nice for Mimie who seems to be a very nice person. He also said in his series Blocked “You know what, I’m buying all the tickets for the Les Enfoirés show and I’m not going. That way both the Restos du Coeur have the money and no one is forced to listen to their concerts. That’s two good deeds.” Listen, I’m not going to lie to you Orel, it would suit us well not to have to go, so why not, huh.

10. Booba

And yes, even if everyone imagined Booba participating in the sketches in little overalls (no), Booba would have declared: “I find their way of doing things hypocritical… Seen from the outside, it looks like an almost sectarian choir that promotion on the misfortune of others”. Well, well guys know that it’s dead for B20 eh, unless maybe you do the competition at Orly airport.

11. BONUS: Michael Jackson

I don’t know if he really refused, but in any case it is clear that he is not there. HAHA! Not very generous the GM.

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