Top 10 stars who lost their hype in 10 years, not easy this decade

A decade that passes can hurt. Already, we are getting old, it’s not nothing. And then when you’re a star, public opinion may have changed about you. I don’t care because I’m not a star even if I was on TV on France 3 Regions once, but real stars can be expensive. Some were hyped in the 2010s and lost everything suddenly, or over the years, to find themselves without the public favor at the dawn of 2020. It is sometimes deserved, sometimes sad, sometimes unpredictable, but it’s like that.

1. Johnny Depp

Vanessa Paradis’ ex was one of the biggest movie stars, especially during the 2000s. In 2010, he was above everyone. Then it was the downfall, which more or less coincided with his breakup with Vanessa in 2012. He turned less and less in interesting films, there were accusations of violence on the part of Amber Heard (the trial is in progress and things seem very complicated), everyone has understood that he was doing drugs like hell, and he has earned a bad reputation. In short, apart from ads for perfume and a supporting role in Fantastic Beasts (from which he ended up getting fired), he doesn’t do much anymore.

2. Yoann Gourcuff

Gourcuff played in the French team between 2008 and 2013, with some good performances, but some were too excited to take him for Zizou’s successor. The reality was less glorious since Gourcuff, not mediocre either, did not have Zidane’s game, and above all spent the rest of his career getting injured. In the end, he will never mark the history of the French team, and he no longer has the favor of the public that he had in 2010.

3.Michael Jackson

Yes, in 2010 Michael Jackson had already been extinct for a year. Nevertheless, he still had the hype on him and that the cases for possible pedophilia had not succeeded in undermining his image. Except that in March 2019 the documentary was released Leaving Neverland, and there his image began to crack all the same. He still has millions and millions of fans because his music is cool and some people support him unconditionally, but the hype is no longer with him.

4. Lana Del Rey

We really don’t have any sensible explanations for why Lana Del Rey lost her looks. In the early 2010s, she was set to be the new superstar singer alongside Lady Gaga (who was a few years ahead), but that all gradually faded away. She will still remain in our hearts.

5. Gad Elmaleh

In 2010, Gad Elmaleh is in top form. His latest show “Papa est en haut” has just been released on DVD (remember the DVDs?), he plays a very serious role in the French film The Roundup and even began his career in the United States by turning in Hollywood films. And then it fades. He joins forces with Kev Adams for a moderately funny show and we discover that some of his legendary sketches are greatly inspired by American comedians. Since 2020, Gad Elmaleh has started singing and is quite active on social networks. He does features with McFly and Carlito and we wonder where all this will lead him. So, big comeback or swan song?

6. Harvey Wenstein

The guy was one of the biggest movie producers in the world, he produced movies like pulp Fiction, Scream, the Lord of the Rings, Inglourious Basterdsor The speech of a king in 2010. And again, there are many, many more. Only, this empire that he built has made victims and, in 2017, he is accused of numerous sexual assaults. Like many other film personalities, he will therefore remain known for the terrible things he has done. And it’s deserved.

7. Kevin Spacey

Another attacker revealed by the #metoo movement, Kevin Spacey is accused in 2017 of having tried to abuse a 14-year-old boy when he was 26, and of being a toxic person with predatory behavior. He who was on top since the 90s and always more since 2013 with House of Cards, he found himself ejected from his series and put on the bench for everything else. The Spacey era is over.

8. Susan Boyle

In 2009, in Britain’s Got Talent, a petite 47-year-old lady who looks 60 comes back before the judges. Everyone laughs a little, then as soon as she starts to sing, everyone cries and applauds. After that, she comes second in the final and becomes famous all over the world. Except that we haven’t heard from her at all for a few years, and we’ve only just realized it.

9. Laurent Blanc

In 2010, Laurent Blanc arrived in the role of savior of the French team after the failure of the World Cup in South Africa and the departure of Domenech. We tell ourselves that he will change everything, that he is a 98 world champion, that he has the shoulders, etc. Two years later, it was over. Euro 2012 had been a purge, with a not very glorious course in chicken and a defeat against Spain, all interspersed with tensions in the locker room. Laurent Blanc was a breeze.

10. Justin Bieber

Today, Justin is not dead, far from it (he even goes to visit Macron and Brigitte this great madman), but the time when all the girls fainted in his path is long gone. It may have something to do with the fact that in 2010 he still had his child’s voice and that since then he has changed a lot. It changes everything.

Top 10 stars who lost their hype in 10 years, not easy this decade

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