Top 10 stars who have no sense of reality, are you serious?

Do you think stars, even if they are rich and famous, are still humans like us who also go to the bathroom? Maybe. Nevertheless, some celebrities – who do have basic needs requiring going to the toilet – are completely disconnected from reality. It is enough to listen to them to capture that they do not at all lead the same life as the rest of humanity.

2. Before her concerts, Lady Gaga wants a cheese platter on ice.

Well, the cheese platter, let’s admit it. It’s nice, cheeses, and if we were rich we would eat them more often too. But on ice? Really ? No human being behaves so strangely.

3. Lauren Santo Domingo never washes her hair herself.

The Vogue journalist once said in an interview that she couldn’t remember the last time she washed her hair herself. We clearly don’t have the same life (except once every two months when I go to the hairdresser at the limit).

4. Gwyneth Paltrow recommends fellatio to end a domestic dispute

She released this absurdity when she was invited to a late show in 2013. A beautiful vision that is not at all sexist and simplistic of life as a couple. But hey, with Gwyneth, we’re used to completely abused ideas. We are still talking about the girl who recommended washing her vagina with steam…

5. Patrick Stewart tasted his first slice of pizza at age 72

Professor Xavier shared a tweet in 2013 in which he announced that he was eating a slice of pizza for the first time. AT 72. But in what world did he live until then??

6. Bill Gates doesn’t know the cost of living at all.

Well, you’re going to tell me, it’s not very surprising: the guy is a multi-billionaire, so the price of pain au chocolat, he clearly doesn’t give a damn. Still, it’s still weird to see someone estimate the price of a small packet of rice at $5 or the price of a box of washing powder at $4. It’s obvious that he hasn’t set foot in a supermarket for several decades.

7. Oprah Winfrey can’t use a gas pump anymore.

When she was on a road trip with her pal Gayle King in 2006, Oprah couldn’t fill up her car on her own, and a gas station employee had to help her. Before that, the last time it had filled up was in 1983. It goes back, it goes back.

Top 10 stars who have no sense of reality are
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8. Salma Hayek has no awareness of what being a mother really is.

In a 2014 interview with Times Magazine, the actress revealed, “I’m a very good mother-in-law. […] You have to work very hard to please them all. If you make pizza, there’s one who doesn’t like cheese, and the other who hates tomatoes. Our leader sometimes looks so discouraged. »

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9. Kim Kardashian thought her confinement was difficult

Remember, during the first confinement, a lot of American stars shared their experience via their networks. Kim K. was no exception to the rule, and she allowed herself to explain that it was hard confinement with 4 children because they had to be taken care of. Yes, well, Kim, people do all that on a daily basis, and they don’t necessarily have nannies to help them, whereas you do.

10. Ellen Degeneres compared her confinement to imprisonment.

All this from his gigantic house, while some of us were stuck in old 12m2 attics. It was somewhat infuriating.

11. (Bonus) French politicians who don’t know the cost of living

We all remember Jean-François Copé who thought that pain au chocolat cost “10 or 15 cents”, Marine Le Pen who believed that the hourly minimum wage was 36 euros, and all those other politicians who don’t know the value of things. We are talking about people who are supposed to manage our lives and who don’t even know what life is.

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