Top 10 stars who have a toxic entourage, it smells of manipulation

All the stars will tell you (well, if you talk to stars one day): the important thing when you become famous is to be well surrounded. You have to choose a good agent, good collaborators, and sometimes sort through your friends. But the problem is when the family is toxic. Because the family is much more boring to get rid of. Besides, the family, they’re supposed to want you well (and give you an Amazon gift card at Christmas because they don’t have any inspiration), not ruin your life. Apparently some of them didn’t quite understand their role.

1. Paul Pogba

The toxic element of the Pogba family is big brother Mathias, also a professional footballer (but much less talented than Paulo). He has stood out in recent days by releasing so-called “revelations” about his little brother who, according to him, paid a marabout to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé. All this rings very false, especially since Paul Pogba explained to the police that his older brother and his friends had wanted to extort 13 million euros from him. We would rather tend to believe him, but in the meantime we will be content to say that Mathias Pogba looks slightly toxic.

2. Britney Spears

For 13 years, Britney and her property have been under the guardianship of her father who took advantage of the period when she was psychologically unstable in 2008 to take control of her life. To say how much the daron abused his situation, he had refused that the singer have her IUD removed to have children, and he forced her to take drugs that made her feel “drunk”. Fortunately, in 2021, Britney finally managed to have this guardianship lifted by the court to finally be able to decide for herself what she would do with her life. It was time.

3. Stefanos Tsitsipas

In a slightly less serious register, the Greek tennis player has serious parents. His father – who is his co-coach – and his mother follow him wherever he goes, talk to him during his matches, during his press conferences, and never miss an opportunity to give their opinion on every aspect of his life, even private. Tsitsipas says it himself in an interview: he loves them, but they are reluctant.

4. Adrien Rabiot

Véronique Rabiot, the mother (and agent) of the French international has already admitted it in an interview: she is an “authoritarian person”. Others would say “nuts and bolts”. Because you have to know that the Vero is not tender with anyone and that she has often gotten into trouble with other families of footballers, even other players. She is over-protective with her son, who never flinches. He is perhaps the only person in the world of football who is not afraid of Véro Rabiot.

5. Gary Coleman

The actor who played Arnold in Arnold and Willy filed a complaint against his adoptive parents in 1989 accusing them of stealing his money. The court had given him reason 3 years later and the parents had to reimburse him 1 million dollars. It gives a small idea of ​​the toxicity of the darons.

Top 10 stars who have a toxic entourage it smells
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6. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey didn’t speak to his mother for 8 years, and for good reason. At the start of her fame, when he called her for support and told her private stuff on the phone, she repeated everything to the gossip behind it. She enjoyed receiving media attention so much that she invited one of them to Matthew’s childhood bedroom and let the reporters film the room. After that, the actor decided to stop talking to the mom and the two only reconciled in 2004.

7. Mariah Carey

Relations between Mariah Carey and her mother were quite strained after she became famous because the mother wanted to take advantage of her daughter’s fame, but the toxicity of Carey’s entourage does not stop there. In 2020, Mariah’s sister Alison accused their mother of subjecting her to relationships with strangers as part of Satanist cults. And no, it doesn’t stop there either: still in 2020, Mariah released an autobiography in which she wrote: ‘When I was 12, my sister drugged me with valium, offered me a small fingernail filled with cocaine, gave me a third degree burn and tried to sell me to a pimp’. We are not even going to take the trouble to disentangle the true from the false; you don’t need to know the truth to realize that the family is feeling the toxicity.

Top 10 stars who have a toxic entourage it smells
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8. Macaulay Culkin

The actor of Mom I missed the plane is part of all this slew of child stars whose parents have happily plundered the fortune. Basically, he was like a giant piggy bank for mom and dad. Suddenly, at the age of 15, he had his parents withdraw from his business and asked his lawyer to manage his money for them. His mother accepted him, but his father took it very badly and declared years later that he no longer considered Macaulay his son. Nice.

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9.Michael Jackson

Between the father who beat his children to make them stars, and the whole family who tore themselves apart after Michael’s death over who would win the rights to his songs, we can’t speak of a very healthy environment. . That could go a long way to explaining why the King of Pop probably wasn’t very healthy himself.

10. Meghan Markle

In 2018, Meghan Markle left a toxic father – who never refrained from making revelations to the tabloids about his daughter – to join the British royal family, which turned out to be also toxic. Very bad operation. Finally, in 2020, Meghan and Harry decided to leave the royal family, and they seem to be enjoying their new life.

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