Top 10 stars who gave their own first name to their child, how are you?

There are people who lack originality and panic the day their kid is born, and when they are asked the first name of their kid at the maternity ward, only theirs comes to mind. Then, there are people who love each other so much and who are so pissed off that they say to themselves “hey, and if I called my kid by my first name, it could still be not bad”. Well, these people have united (along with the stars who have decided to give hyper-egocentric names to their kids) to become a unique species; the stars who gave their OWN name to their child. Well ok, we know it’s very common in the United States, but you won’t prevent us from finding it super weird as a concept.

1. Jason Derulo

The 31-year-old singer became the father of a baby boy last week. And we’ll let you guess what it’s called because it’s really super funny. No really we insist that you guess. Go on. The kid’s name is Jason KING Derulo AHAHA PTDRRRR. And it seems that her middle name is “Modesty”.

2. Alain Delon

Alain Delon apparently very much wants to keep his title of “biggest melons of French actors”, and, to do so, he did very hard. He called his son Alain-Fabien Delon. Already, calling your son by the same first name is good proof that you have a big melon, but when, in addition, you choose a first name COMPOSED of “Alain” and “Fabien”, sorry but it’s not.

3. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy had a son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. Unfortunately, it didn’t work too well for him, as he fell victim to the “Kennedy Curse”, when he died in a plane crash in 1999. Who knows what would have happened if he had named him Bastien.

4. Robert de Niro

AHAHAH, you thought that Robert de Niro was really called Robert de Niro? No, his name is Robert Anthony de Niro. The real Robert de Niro is his father, who is a painter. Robert Anthony de Niro, stop trying to steal your father’s place, I’m going to get mad.

5. George H. W. Bush

George HW Bush and George W. Bush have the same first name, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. They were also both 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States of America, just that. So I decided that my future child would also be editor Topito, to become even more powerful than the two George Bushes.

6. Etienne Daho

Etienne Daho, son of Etienne Daho too, (no, it’s not Inception, he’s just a guy who didn’t really have an idea of ​​a first name), bears his first name but he only has it very not very well-known. His father abandoned him when he was a child and they never saw each other again. Either he was disgusted that there were 2 Etienne Daho and wanted to become the only Etienne Daho again, or he was a not very cool guy.

7. Sheryfa Luna

Sheryfa Luna, the girl who sang ” He had the words (AKA GREATEST MUSIC OF ALL TIME) won Popstars in 2007 and she gave birth in surprise, after denying her pregnancy, just weeks later. She then gives him the same first name as that of her boyfriend at the time, Venus Junior Luna (as a result), because they had surely not had time to brainsto before and they had to give a first name at random. But of course, it’s only the guys who give their kid their name, no woman would be stupid enough to go and do that.

8. Will Smith

Will Smith, aka Willard Carroll Smith Jr., is the son of… (if you understood the principle of this top, normally you suspect that the father’s name will be Willard Carroll Smith Sr. and not Lionel Messi). Well, everyone thought his name was William when his name is WILLARD, are you shocked?!!!!!!!! And to carry on the tradition, Will called his son… (again you are supposed to have understood the principle of the top…) Jaden Smith. Haha, the feint. On the other hand, her daughter is Willow so we stay in the melon theme.

9. Jackson Rathbone

The actor and musician Jackson Rathbone V is the son of Jackson Rathbone IV, who is the son of Jackson Rathbone III, himself son of Jackson Rathbone II, finally son of Jackson Rathbone I. Ah yes, and besides, Jackson Rathbone V had one son, Louis-Philippe. No, just kidding, Jackson Rathbone VI.

Top 10 stars who gave their own first name to their child, how are you?
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10. Me

I’m not a huge star either, but I have the honor to announce the recent birth of “Clara-de-Topito Jr”, my child made with myself.

In any case, I say that, I say nothing, but there’s no girl stupid enough to give her kid her first name, only guys of course.

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