Top 10 Stars Who Did Dirty Stuff We Forgot About Because They’re Stars

There are stars who are fine in every respect, and stars who have done dirty things that stick with them (like James Brown, who we never forget hitting women.) But there is a third category of stars: those who have done very disgusting things which, today, are totally forgotten. As if their fame had made the public lose their memory. As if the simple fact of being liked by people made it possible to behave like an asshole. We’ll refresh your memory.

1. Elvis Presley dating a minor

He started fooling around with Priscilla Ann Wagner when she was only 14 and he was 24. Then he saw her again when she was 17 and took her to Las Vegas where he made her take amphetamines to the first time in his life. Later, he married her and had a baby with her, so that lessened the controversy, but the beginning was still very dirty, and today nobody cares.

Top 10 stars who did dirty stuff we forgot about because they're stars
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2. Stones bassist Bill Wyman started dating a 13-year-old girl when he was 47.

It was Mandy Smith, the one he would eventually marry. The worst part is that Mandy’s mother always approved of this relationship and never wanted to press charges. Bill Wyman said it was his midlife crisis, which is just outrageous. In short, today, everyone does not care.

3. Mick Jagger had a brief history with Lori Maddox when she was around 14

Lori Maddox, or Lori Mattix, was a young groupie who loved sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll. She confessed to having an affair with the singer of the Rolling Stones when she was underage, but today no one cares.

4. Jimmy Page also had an affair with Lori Maddox

The Led Zeppelin frontman slept with the same girl as his pal Mick Jagger, still largely underage. She never complained and said she never looked back. She also revealed that she lost her virginity at age 14 to David Bowie, but this is heavily disputed. Of course, it’s really shocking that guys who were almost twice his age could do that, but today nobody cares.

5. John Lennon unambiguously admitted to hitting women

He did so in an interview shortly before his death in 1980. He notably hit his first wife Cynthia a lot out of jealousy. And even if he repented a little and it’s very good to repent, it’s still crazy that everyone has forgotten him. It’s simple: today, nobody cares.

6. Dr Dre beat up a journalist in 1991

He wasn’t happy because she had posted an interview with his rival Ice Cube, so when he saw her in a nightclub, he took the opportunity to pin her against a wall and hit her several times in the face. face, then follow her to the bathroom and hit her again. He also hit the mother of his son with whom he stayed from 1990 to 1996. Now he denounces violence against women, while everyone is still dancing to his titles. Either way, today no one cares.

7. Tupac raped a woman in the early 90s.

Ayanna Jackson accused him of raping her in 1993 and he served 9 months in prison for it. Initially, she had consensual sex with him. But one day, Tupac invited his buddies into the bedroom without telling her, and he and his buddies raped her. That does not prevent people from dancing quietly on his titles today. You know why ? Because nowadays, nobody cares.

8. Iggy Pop slept with Sable Starr, a 13-year-old groupie.

One more rocker to have had his little pedophile adventure. However, now, we laugh a lot of pubs with shirtless Iggy Pop who plays it cool. We may be repeating ourselves, but don’t you think that today, everyone doesn’t care?

9. Cheb Mami tortured and kidnapped his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion

The prince of raï pretended to invite her to Algeria for a trip, then he had her drugged and beat her in the stomach so that she would lose her baby. It is simply atrocious. For that, he was imprisoned between 2009 and 2011, but who talks about it today? Today, no one cares.

10. Charlie Sheen is a specialist in domestic violence

We often talk about the actor’s drug use, but much less about the treatment he inflicted on his wives. For that, he only had a reprieve and community service. And today, obviously, nobody cares.

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