Top 10 stars who confessed terrible things in an interview

There are moments on television that are incredible when during an interview a celebrity will freak out and confess something completely crazy while behind the scenes his publicist is fainting. It happens, to varying degrees, but it happens nonetheless. So we’re going to see some examples of stars who confessed to pretty horrible or completely mind-blowing things in interviews and frankly it gives a very different image of some of them. Prepare to be disappointed.

1. John Mayer and his exclusivity for white women

Country singer John Mayer, whom I personally don’t know from Eve or Adam, revealed in an interview that he could only sleep with white women. He then called his own penis a “white supremacist”, which clearly is a really disgusting and completely fishy thing to say. Afterwards he will probably try to make it clear that he is not racist but admit that it is super strange.

2. Gary Oldman and his famous “oh we’ve all said it before”

It hurts my balls because this guy has really been one of my favorite actors forever and today I discovered this part of his personality. In wanting to defend Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson (accused of homophobia or racism), he simply dropped “We have all already said this kind of thing. The policeman who arrested him never said “nèg**” or “fucking j**fs” according to you? Frankly, it’s still really, really racist. I don’t even have the words, unlike SherYfa Luna’s ex who had them.

3. Gérard Depardieu who was still a hell of a brigand

In his youth, Gérard was not a soft guy, he confided in an interview that when he was younger he occasionally acted as an escort boy for men and that it happened to him to “hit a guy and run off with his money . We call it racketeering anyway. Oh and he also confessed that he once dug up corpses to steal the jewelry and clothes. If you needed one more reason to like this man.

4. R Kelly and the teenage girls

Well, it’s no secret that singer R Kelly has already had quite a few cases of pedophilia in his ass and that’s mainly why he has almost disappeared from the radar since then. During an interview where he was asked the question about potential relationships with teenage girls (thus below the legal age) he simply replied “when you say teenage girls, what age do you mean? » leaving the interviewer completely stunned, and at the same time there is something for it.

5. Christopher Eccleston and his school bully past

The actor who we mainly know for having been the “Doctor Who” for a few episodes or one of the main characters of “The Leftovers” confessed in an interview that when he was a child he behaved like a good bastard and that he was sincerely sorry. “I was a bully because I was beaten too. I was going after a very sensitive boy in my class. During the interview he apologized to the boy in question and it was better for him since that boy in question is none other than Vin Diesel. No, that’s obviously not true.

6. John Lennon and hitting women

Love, peace and joy are almost inseparable from the character of John Lennon whether through his many texts or his actions outside of his art. However, he still dropped a huge bomb in the interview when he was asked about the text of the song “Getting Better”: “I was cruel to my wife and physically to women in general. I was a hitter. “He confessed at this time to regret this part of his life and to have let himself be guided by his anger but still.

7. Keith Richards snorted his father

Yeah, you read that right, it sounds completely stupid but it’s absolutely true. In an interview, Keith Richards the legendary member of the Rolling Stones confessed that after the cremation of his father he had sniffed some ashes. “I couldn’t resist trying to sniff some.” You tell me, Tupac’s buddies obviously smoked his ashes so well, and then I’m willing to bet it’s not the most disgusting thing this guy has done in his life.

8. Sean Connery and his right to hit women

If Lennon evoked the fact of hitting women by indicating that they were errors of youth and that he was at the time angry, Connery goes there with much less restraint. He then swung in the interview “a slap with the open hand is justified… If a woman is boring, hysterical or permanently on edge, I will do it. “Words that he reaffirmed years later in another interview, in case it was not clear to everyone. In case it needs to be clarified for Sean: no, hitting on his wife/girlfriend/buddy is never justified.

Top 10 stars who confessed terrible things in an interview
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9. James Lipton, the former pimp

You may not know this American writer and poet from the Beat Generation who was also an actor and countless other stuff during his life. Not content with having done dozens of jobs, he admitted in an interview that he had already been a pimp in Paris, indicating that he was “never abusive with prostitutes, I was rather their agent”. Something that few people had seen coming, there like that, in an interview which was nevertheless going to be quite classic.

10. Liam Neeson and his interview from hell

You probably heard about it back in the day, when Liam Neeson went completely off the rails in an interview, leaving everyone on their ass. After talking about a friend of his who was raped by a black man when he was younger, he said that at the time he was walking down the street at night with a gun in search of a black victim. to kill. Frightening, racist, violent remarks that give a frankly creepy image of the actor.

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