Top 10 Stars Who Chose Their Artist Name The Bad Way

Some famous personalities want to remain anonymous by finding a pseudonym or a name that is “classier”. But for some one cannot say that inspiration is their great strength because they choose their name in a somewhat stupid way. We therefore invite you to see some examples and you will never see these people in the same way again, as when you were given the nicknames of ridiculous stars.

1. Whoopi Goldberg

It’s probably the dumbest nickname: originally her friends called her “whoopee cushion”, which literally means “whoopee cushion” because she had a tendency to drop boxes a little all the time. As for the “Goldberg”, it is not her real last name (her name is Caryn Johnson) but her mother advised her to take it because she thought a Jewish-sounding name would open more doors for her. at Hollywood. There you go.

2. Led Zeppelin

Before going global, the greatest band of all time presented a demo to a dumb producer who told them that what they were doing was shit and that their band was going to crash like a “lead zeppelin”. “. They liked the formula and decided to keep it as a group name.

3. Post Malone

You might think that name doesn’t mean anything and it’s totally true because the rapper just found it on a rapper name generator site. So. It sucks but it works and in a way it’s almost gangsta.


Basically the two DJs performed under the name Darlin’, and one reviewer called one of their tracks “daft punky thrash”. And they thought it was a pretty cool name and that’s how the most emblematic French duo after Shirley and Dino was born.

5. Iggy Azalea

Have you always wondered how this singer got her name? Or are you wondering right now who this person is? Hold on tight to the elastic of your panties because it’s all rotten: Iggy was the name of her dog when she was a kid (called in tribute to Iggy Pop) and Azalea the name of the street where she grew up . I told you.

6.Alice Cooper

Vincent Damon Furnier, his real name, was looking for a slightly cooler stage name, so he decided to rely on the spirits by doing a Ouija session. There he would have come into contact with someone from the other world who would have told him that he was the reincarnation of Alice Cooper, a young woman burned alive during the Salem witch trials. It’s a story.

7. LL Cool J

The rapper LL cool J has probably the craziest name of all the rappers because his name is James and his name means “Ladies Love Cool James”. It really sucks, right? But in reality he is cool.

8. Green Day

Apparently the choice of the name just comes from a song written by one of the members (who was originally called SweetChildren) who talked about smoking weed all day and having a “green day”. So. It’s stupid.

9. Cardi B

So be careful, it’s not crazy either: basically the singer’s sister is called Hennessy, which is the name of an American alcohol, so everyone called the little sister Baccardi to make a joke. She decided to keep the name, twisting it enough for legal issues, resulting in B-Cardi and therefore Cardi B.

10. Nicholas Cage

He is the mega class: nephew of the director Francis Ford Coppola he did not want everyone to reduce it to the glory of his uncle, so he decided to change his name by taking the pseudonym Cage. Why ? Because his favorite comic book hero is Luke Cage. This is how you become a hero.

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