Top 10 stars who are like everyone else, human after all

Everyone loves celebrities, and what we love even more than celebrities is knowing that after all they are not so different from us. That’s why I prepared for you this top which will show you how some stars do things like us because ultimately they remain above all human (between two moments when they harass their assistants because the coffee n was not warm enough).

1. Mick Jagger fixes his stuff before throwing it away

He’s so pissed off that he could buy county wheels if he didn’t know what to do with it (one of my rich man’s dreams). But when he has something broken in his house, he first tries to fix it before replacing it with something brand new. Does it clog your arteries like a greasy burger or how is it?

2. Jennifer Lawrence took years to buy a new car.

The thing when you come from a poor or modest background is that you know the value of money, Jennifer Lawrence is therefore surprised to be so rich and took a while before being tempted by small rich cracks. It took her several years before buying a house despite her salary, but also before changing cars. I don’t know how to handle this info either, my life is turned upside down.

3. Chris Evans took seven years to switch smartphones

OMG I’m so on my ass I think I sat down. Do you realize that the Captain America actor would have waited seven years before changing his phone for the simple reason that it was still working? Frankly, I find it hard to believe it’s so unlikely, even my daron doesn’t keep it that long.

4. Keanu Reeves is just an enigma

We’ve already shown you the proof that Keanu Reeves is the most beautiful person in the universe, because this guy gives everyone money, presents his stuntmen, rides the subway and gives his place to people who want to sit down and that he also wears the suits very well. An angel fallen from heaven who knows how to remain human.

5. Matthew McConaughey goes to see his local team’s football matches

He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and he lives quietly in Austin, Texas, because that’s where his roots are. And as much to tell you, he has no plans to go see anywhere else, since he likes the tranquility there and he can go and see the university football games without being bothered every week. .

6. Julia Roberts cooks her own food

Ok, wait, I’m picking up my own body that spilled on the floor when I fell over on hearing this news. Julia Roberts fucking cooks, not only does she cook, but she cooks every day in order to eat what she cooks. You could say that with so much money, she would pay for cooks, but no, she’s just a big tightwad who refuses to create jobs.

7. Halle Berry saves her money

Is it to kill me all this information without messing around? Halle Berry said she refuses to become “a person who has ten cars and lots of diamonds” and prefers to put aside and live life to the fullest without being in disgusting luxury that does not look like her. Sacred Halle, there aren’t two like her.

8. Paul McCartney is clearly thrifty

He did not raise his own children in luxury, put them in public school, refuses to spend his money anyhow, makes his guests pay for their drinks at a party… Yeah in real life he did looks clearly stingy in the end, and at the same time isn’t he a bit right?

9. Sarah Michelle Gellar uses coupons

Can you imagine that? Buffy who already does her shopping is incredible, but in addition she uses small reduction tickets, which is completely unexpected. I shit to the ground with surprise reading that, something that happens to me very rarely (when I’m too surprised).

10. Leonardo DiCaprio gives lots of money to works and lives simply

Well, when I say he lives simply, I mean he goes on vacation on a yacht and flies more year-round than an airline pilot, but apart from that he tries to live like everyone else. world. And then he has a foundation in his name and gives lots of money to charity. Ok, it’s not so much everyday life for everyone, but it’s not bad, right?

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