Top 10 stars spotted in unlikely ways, it was their destiny from the start

Some people were destined to become stars, it was written from the beginning and nothing could hinder their success. While the antithesis of what I just wrote could easily be found in most reality TV shows where talentless people are put front and center (I assume that boomer phrase) sometimes it’s it happened that celebrities were discovered in a particularly improbable way and we will talk about it right away.

1. Justin Bieber: A producer clicked on the wrong Youtube video

Have you ever lost yourself on the internet and more specifically on Youtube? This is the case of Scooter Braun, a small music producer who was looking for a specific artist and decided to click completely randomly on a video. You understood this video was that of Bieber as a kid who had posted a little sound hoping to make himself known. Then it went super fast since he was already famous at 14, it seems to me.

2. Jason Statham: spotted selling fake jewelry

The Jason had a hell of a life before becoming an actor, if he had worked as a model for a while he was mostly on the streets of London selling fake jewelry and contraband like perfume to make money. ‘money. As he had a good face and that he was likeable, we introduced him to director Guy Ritchie who was preparing “Scam, crime and botany” and he decided to take Statham to play a dealer in fake jewelry. A role that clearly projected him to the front of the stage and got him off the streets once and for all.

3. Tracy Chapman: A classmate stole a demo from her to send to her dad

Before being a singer Tracy Chapman was a student. She had recorded some stuff like that for herself and one of her classmates decided to steal a demo from her and give it to her producer father because he thought she was so talented. And indeed it launched his career as one throws a waffle in the air to celebrate the New Year in Liège.

4. Mel Gibson: He was taking a friend to an audition

While he was just giving a hand to a friend by dropping him off at an audition, he caught the eye of director George Miller who was preparing madmax. He had been beaten up the night before in a bar and had punch marks on his face, which was authentic for the film’s anti-hero and he was the one who finally got the role. Without it you would never have seen her ass in Bravehearta film with filming blunders in it, but a good film.

5. Vin Diesel: broke into a theater

When he was seven years old and had already won a bare-knuckle fight against an adult bear from North America, Vin Diesel illegally broke into a theater with some friends to fuck up the mess. A director caught him but instead of calling the cops she decided to give him a small role in a play, probably she was afraid of him since at seven years old he already had the strength of three Dwaynes Johnson.

6. Gisele Bünchen: spotted at Mcdo

Growing up in a small Brazilian town, Gisele aspired to be a volleyball player, then at the age of 14 she saw she could do a modeling internship that paid for a trip to São Paulo. That’s the only reason she applied, to visit the big city. During her trip, she was quietly eating a big mac in a Mcdo when an agent noticed her and decided to give her a chance. Fourteen seems a little young to me, but obviously in the life model it’s already thirty.

7. Rosario Dawson: chilling outside her house

At 15, Rosario Dawson saw a commercial being shot downstairs and decided to go and see it by sitting on the porch of her house. After a while the director Larry Clark spotted her and came to ask her if she was interested in acting in a film, which she accepted. At the same time, if she had said no and had not made a career, you can imagine at this stage of the top that she would have nothing to fuck in this list or in that of the actors spotted in the street.

8. Nick Jonas: He was singing at the hairdresser’s

At six years old Nick Jonas was in a hairdressing salon and had decided to sing to tell himself a little. The exasperated hairdresser had tried to drown out the noise with a dozen hair dryers but nothing worked, we could still hear the boy bellowing. That’s when someone had a terrible idea to shut him up: give him a music manager card. He stopped singing live, but then he started making music, so it was a pretty bad idea.

9. Mandy Moore: The Connected FedEx Delivery Guy

As I write these lines I’m not sure I know this person but obviously he’s a star. Don’t judge, I had a special childhood. Young Mandy was discovered at age 13 when a FedEx delivery man overheard her singing while making a delivery. He went to see her and asked her for a demo to give it to a producer friend and immediately there was glory, big fame, worldwide consecration where everyone knew her except for a failed editor who didn’t had never heard of her.

10. Toni Braxton: Singing While Refueling

Success can catch up with you anywhere, and Toni Braxton knows it well as she was spotted singing at a gas station while producer Bill Pettaway (who produced a certain Justin Timberlake) and Jay-Z were passing. They proposed to the young girl to record a few tests and since it was heavyweight music, it went very quickly. Did you understand the truck valve and the gas station?

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