Top 10 Star Actors of the 90s Who Quit (Because They Wanted)

Hello nostalgic nineties, today we go back to the best decade in history with some actors who were ultra-popular at the time. But as time goes by, these actors have since changed paths and decided to hang up their acting cleats (what comedians don’t wear cleats?) It’s sad, and yet we have to accept it. Let us at least pay homage to them with undisguised emotion.

1. Jake Lloyd

Jake Lloyd is one of the most famous child actors of the 90s, simply because he played little Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, released in 1999. Class. Only, it also earned him a little harassment at school since his classmates were making lightsaber noises wherever he went. Suddenly, Jake Lloyd, he was a little disgusted with fame, and after having shot two other films in 2000, he simply decided to stop being an actor. His career is nonetheless hyper class, even with only one major role.

Top 10 Star Actors of the 90s Who Quit Because

2. Troy Slaten

Troy Slaten was good old Jerry in Parker Lewis never loses (in the middle of the photo). He was the geek of the bunch, and therefore obviously the one who never caught girls, because at the time we weren’t too subtle when writing characters. He quietly continued to play in small things until 1999, but he at the same time obtained his law degree and preferred to become a criminal lawyer rather than stay on the sets. Well done to him.

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3. Ariana Richards

In Jurassic Park, released in 1993, little Ariana Richards played the role of Lex Murphy, the granddaughter of John Hammond, creator of the dino park. She obviously resumed her role in the sequel to the film, The Lost World, and she was also in a horror film franchise, Tremors, which we know less around here. A not too disgusting start to his career which nevertheless came to a halt with the passage to the new millennium. Since then, Ariana has graduated from the Beaux-Arts and has become an artist who lives from her painting. Very stylish.

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4. Charlie Korsmo

He played Jack Banning, the son of Robin Williams in the film Hook (yes, it was the disgusted kid because his dad didn’t come to see him play baseball). It didn’t start him off on a great career since he only did another film 7 years later and quit completely after that. If you’re worried about him, he became a lawyer and a law professor at a university in Ohio.

Top 10 Star Actors of the 90s Who Quit Because

5. Heather Langenkamp

Present in Freddy, the claws of the night in 1984 and Freddy comes out of the night ten years later, Heather Langenkamp has not had too many other notable roles (despite an appearance in season 4 ofAmerican Horror Story). That doesn’t prevent her from staying in the cinema, but rather on the make-up side: she launched a company with her husband that deals with make-up for film sets.

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6. Leanna Creel

Tori from the cult series saved by the bell also starred in Parker Lewis never loses and in Beverly Hills 90210. What a cult, then. However, Leanna Creel moved away from Hollywood and preferred to launch her video production company for food products or travel. There’s still a camera in the story, but the content has changed.

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7. Andrea Elson

We stay in the great haircuts of the 90s with Andrea Elson, who played Lynn Tanner in the series alf (yes, this series with the extra-terrestrial with a totally scary look). It would have been her biggest role, and she didn’t pursue acting long after the series ended. She preferred to change careers to teach yoga. Yes, yoga. It’s original, but we respect his choice.

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8. Mara Wilson

The little Matilda from the movie Matilda (obviously) who also played the little one of Mrs. Doubtfire had everything to become a Hollywood star. As you can imagine, this is not the path she took. Although she has returned to the cameras to appear in a few things since the 2010s, Mara has mostly become a writer. Good for him.

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9. Karyn Parsons

In The prince of Bel-Air, Karyn Parsons played Hilary Banks, the slightly snobbish and superficial eldest of the Banks family (the family that welcomed good old Will Smith, remember). In real life, Karyn is much less superficial since she preferred to go behind the camera by becoming a producer of animated films that tell the life of black heroes. Not superficial, and even committed, the Karyn.

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10. Nate Richert

The face of BG’s boyfriend Sabrina, the teenage witch remain etched in our minds forever. And that’s good for him, because we haven’t seen him since. The guy went from comedy to music and released several albums with a friend of his, but a priori we are not close to seeing him fill Bercy.

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