Top 10 spookiest haunted houses in Spain

When we think of haunted houses, we mainly think of Scottish castles or old houses in the French countryside. It is necessary to believe that the spirits do better with the more cloudy and cold regions. However, under the Spanish sun too, there are ghosts and other creepy apparitions. The history of the country having created its share of ghosts which today are found in several myths and legends relating to specific places…

1. Cortijo Jurado (Málaga)

It is said that the former owners of this intimidating barrack practiced satanic rites on young girls. Already at the time the object of several fears relating to these presumed practices, the house has since been filled with ghosts of all kinds which can manifest themselves at the various windows. No wonder when you know that the victims of occult ceremonies would be buried under the building…

2. Santo Angel de la Guarda Sanatorium (Madrid)

A former hospital later transformed into a psychiatric institute, the Santo Ángel de la Guarda sanatorium was for a long time the favorite meeting place for ghost hunters. And cause! You could obviously expect all sorts of noises there, while it was not uncommon to see lights go on in the windows. Since then the place has been cordoned off.

3. Ochate (Burgos region)

Here, it is not only a house that is haunted but a whole village. Abandoned today, Ochate is a paranormal hotspot in Spain. You could even see UFOs there.

4. Casa Lercaro (Tenerife)

The ghost of this house would be that of a girl who, when forced to marry a man much older than her, preferred to commit suicide. Horrified by this gesture, the church refused to offer him a Christian burial, condemning his soul to haunt the place for eternity.

5. Aguas de Bussot Sanatorium (Alicante)

Another haunted psychiatric hospital… It is said that this place has been cursed since the time when black masses were celebrated in the chapel. Which would have opened different doors that should have remained closed.

6. The old Provincial Council building (Granada)

When the building was closed, work began on it. It didn’t take long to discover human bones in the basements. It was then that the rather creepy phenomena began to occur. Witnesses say they heard strange noises there and saw lights that weren’t natural…

7. San Cristobal Fort (Pamplona)

Almost 800 soldiers were held here during the Civil War. Nearly 200 of them were executed there. Which means that today, if we rely on the phenomena reported by several witnesses, the spirits of these unfortunate people have still not found rest.

8. Casa de las Siete Chimeneas (Madrid)

Return to Madrid in this house known for its 7 fireplaces. And this is precisely where the ghost of the young woman who once lived here is said to have been seen. The former tenant who allegedly committed suicide after learning of her husband’s death on the battlefield.

9. Hospital del Tórax de Terrassa (Barcelona)

If freak lovers are happy to go to the building where the first two parts of the horrific saga were filmed [Rec], the Barcelona paranormal investigators prefer to fall back on this hospital which, when it was still open, held the sad record of the greatest number of suicides. Where now wander souls in pain who manifest themselves especially in empty rooms through various rather disturbing phenomena.

10. The house of Bélmez de la Moraleda

This Andalusian village caught the eye when faces began to appear on the floor of a house at 5 Rodriguez Acosta Street. It was precisely on August 5, 1971 that the tenant saw faces appear while she was cleaning. Nothing seems to overcome these appearances. Sometimes the faces even change their expression. Research uncovers remains of dismembered bodies dating back to the Civil War. Later however, the son of the family admits that it was he who orchestrated everything by using silver nitrate to draw the faces. However, since then, for some, this house is indeed cursed…

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