Top 10 smart guys who broke the rules to make money

When you want to make big bucks, there’s usually something that gets in your way: the law. A bunch of rules that prevent you from earning wheat exactly as you would like. In this case, you have only two alternatives: give up, or bend the rules. And if you need some inspiration, here are a few stories of smart guys who have managed to trick the system.

1. There are plenty of cars registered as taxis in London.

To relieve congestion in London, the authorities have set a tax of £10 per day for motorists driving in its center. Year round is expensive. On the other hand, taxis are exempt, and it’s quite normal since it’s their job to drive in the city. But little geniuses have decided to use this exception on their own by paying for a taxi license to avoid the daily tax too. They’re not in the taxi business, but since the license is cheaper than paying £10 a day, that’s good for them.

2. An online gaming site was ruined by its players

The site, a kind of North American FDJ, had an offer that allowed new players to win 100 euros in vouchers for 100 euros out of pocket. But the players understood that they could use this offer to their advantage in the baccarat game by betting as much on the dealer as on their own game. Basically, every time, they were winners and ended up making a lot of money.

3. A guy ate free for a year with a first-class ticket.

One day, an employee at Xi’an Xianyang Airport in China noticed that a first-class plane ticket had been purchased and canceled more than 300 times. And it wasn’t a bug. During his investigation, he discovered that a man had come up with a very clever trick: he bought a first class ticket that allowed him to enter the premium lounge where they served free meals, then he got his money back his free ticket once he had eaten well. That gave him one free meal a day. Genius.

4. A man managed to cheat Spotify for a lot of money

In 2017, a mysterious netizen found a flaw in Spotify’s system. He created very short fake tracks and integrated them into playlists. Then he created 1200 Spotify Premium accounts and had them listen to his playlists over and over. All this allowed him to recover a lot of wheat before Spotify spotted the suspicious activity of these bogus playlists and fixed the problem.

5. Lots of money for a name change

Siegfried Rotthausern, a German businessman, sells 75 and 100 watt bulbs, but German regulations prohibit the sale of bulbs over 60 watts. It was too little to stop Siegfried who decided to say that he was not selling light bulbs but “heat balls”, describing them as small heaters. The worst thing is that it worked and he was allowed to sell them. In addition, since he was the only one to sell such strong bulbs, his stocks sold out very quickly.

6. A man was able to fly for free thanks to puddings

Yes, I know, after reading this title you’ll think I’m having a stroke and rambling, but I’m pretty sure what I’m saying. In 1999, David Phillips, an engineer from California, took advantage of a Healthy Choice brand promotion that offered travel points on an airline of their choice for proof of purchase of their products. Except that this offer also worked on small cups of pudding at 25 cents. So David Phillips bought 12,000 small puddings for $3,140 and Healthy Choice got no other. choice than to offer him 1.2 million “miles” for airlines. In 17 years, he was able to visit 43 countries thanks to his little scheme. And if you’re worried about the puddings, know that he gave them away to food banks. A nice guy this David.

7. A game show contestant found the flaw in the game

Michael Larson was an American contestant of the game Press Your Luck, where players had to answer general knowledge questions much like in a Trivial Pursuit. They also had to press a button to land on good squares and avoid bad ones that made them lose their turn. Michael Larson had watched the game so much that he had chosen the “random” (but falsely random) pattern of the game to press at the right time and land on the boxes of his choice and thus win the maximum amount of money. During his participation in 1984, he therefore won more than $110,000 by thwarting the system. He killed the game.

8. The Pachinko found the loophole in Japanese law to make money

Japan’s gambling regulations are very strict: they are totally prohibited in the Land of the Rising Sun. As a result, it is normally impossible to gamble for money. However, in Japan, smart guys (probably yakuza) have opened Pachinko rooms, a game between gambling and pinball that requires the use of metal balls. Players must therefore buy metal balls at a stand, so that they do not play with money. And if they win the game, they can exchange their marbles for gifts. So far, they haven’t made any money, so it’s all under the law. Except that near the pachinko halls, there are centers where you can exchange your gifts for… money. And the law can’t do much about it.

Top 10 smart guys who broke the rules to make money
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9. An Idaho strip club had to use tricks to survive.

The city of Boise, Idaho decided to ban nudity, so local strip club Erotic City got into trouble. However, the law authorizes nudity on one condition: that it be artistic. Erotic City then decided to call its striptease evenings Art Evenings and now provides a sketchbook and a pencil to its customers who can watch the naked dancers in complete serenity. They can also draw pictures if they want.

10. A dude (a little stupefied) figured out how to save 40 bucks

James McElvar, an English singer, wanted to avoid paying the equivalent of 40 bales worth of luggage for an airplane flight, so he naturally… put on all his clothes and wore them all on top of each other. So yes, he managed to avoid paying for a bag, but James McElvar passed out halfway through the flight from the heat and had to be taken to hospital once he got there. Sometimes it’s better not to play too much with the rules.

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