Top 10 small mistakes that cost a lot of money (goodbye money)

” The error is human “. Yes, it’s true. But sometimes that little bullshit is expensive. Very expensive. Really more than you might think. Like thousands of dollars. Even millions. Ouch. I hope that we really learn from our mistakes at this price because otherwise it’s really very very stupid.

1. The $300 million typo

In 2005, instead of selling a share at 610,000 yen, an accountant from Mizuho Securities offered… 610,000 shares at 1 yen. An unfortunate inversion, since the transactions entered on the Tokyo Stock Exchange are irreversible. Consequence: 295 million dollars lost. OUPSY.

2. The $25 million mustache

Justice League, filming completed. Warner Bros realizes it needs to flip a few scenes. Until then, no worries. EXCEPT, Henry Cavill has already started filming Mission Impossible – Fallout. A film for which he had to wear a beautiful mustache. Paramount then categorically refuses that he shaves it to go back to Warner. The production company therefore had to line up a lot of money, so that the visual team removed the famous mustache on all the new scenes shot. It stings.

3. 200 million dollars in the trash

Clumsiness, inadvertence, poor communication… We don’t know how, but a 70-year-old couple lost a fortune in a few minutes. While they had won this amount in the lottery, the ticket ended up in the trash. When they realized it, it was already too late. Balls.

4. The scissor kick at 231,000 euros

231,000: this is the compensation that an Indian hairdressing salon had to pay to one of its clients. The reason ? The woman, unhappy with her hairstyle, filed a complaint against the hairdressers. The young woman being a model by profession, posing in particular for hair products, the court ruled that this small error would have caused her “a serious nervous breakdown and trauma”. Luckily it grows back, these things…

Top 10 small mistakes that cost a lot of money (goodbye money)

5. The $10 Million Letter

In 1988, the Banner Travel agency decided to accentuate the exotism of his travels in the Yellow Pages. Oupsie, the telecommunications company “Pacific Bell” makes a typo and sells… air travelrotic. This is not the same. It’s certainly nice too, but it doesn’t give the agency exactly the same visibility. A very small error, which will still have caused the loss of 80% of the company’s customers. Pacific Bell is then sued and must pay… 10 million dollars. The letter “r” is expensive.

6. The incomprehension that gives the balls (really)

In 2005, the car dealership Roswell Honda set up a big lottery. On paper: 30,000 scratch cards, including one containing the grand prize of $1,000, were to be distributed to customers. In fact: the employee of the agency responsible for setting up the game misunderstands, and sends 30,000 winning tickets. Unable to honor the 30 million euros in winnings, the company then exchanged the winning ticket for a $5 gift certificate at Walmart… It immediately makes you dream less, all the same. Results: well-paid customers, and $150,000 lost for Walmart.

7. The Half-Million-Dollar Slash

In 2013, the MTA (Matropolitan Transit Authority) of New York printed 80,000 new subway maps, to announce, above all, the increase in the price of the trip from $4.5 to $5. Small detail unfortunately forgotten… The new leaflets announced a new rate of $4.5… So everything had to be recovered and redone. Total cost of this blow for nothing: $500,000.

Top 10 small mistakes that cost a lot of money (goodbye money)

8. The comma at 7 million dollars

Toronto-Cyprus for $39… Instead of $3,900: this is the mistake made by the airline Alitalia in 2006. Even if the company quickly rectified the situation, 2,000 passengers had already booked their ticket at this price defying all competition. Amount of loss recorded: 7 million dollars. A high-flying mistake, then.

9. The 500,000 Ball Spelling Mistake

One fine day, a man decides to sell a bottle of collector’s beer on eBay: an Allsopp Artic brewed in 1852. A collector’s item that could have brought him a lot of money, if he hadn’t forgot Allsopp’s second “p”. A minor error, which nevertheless prevented collectors from noticing the object. He finally received only two offers, and concluded a sale at 304 dollars ($5 margin on the purchase price.) The lucky buyer, he sold it two months later for… 503,300 dollars . We have plenty of obscene “P” words that come to us here. Putaaaaaain, in particular.

10. A kid in a museum, $15,000

In 2016, in Ningbo, China, a large LEGO exhibition opens. Among the works: a statue of Nick, the fox from the film Zootopia, produced by artist Zaho. A $15,000 construction that has only been on display for a few hours: a young child having decided to demolish it on the first day of the exhibition. Oupsie.

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