Top 10 small manipulations that restaurateurs make in their menus, trickery

You thought you were going out quietly to have a little pepouze dinner accompanied by a person with whom you probably want to have consensual sex, in short, a beautiful evening in sight for you and your honor. Well know that you will be tricked from start to finish. Yes, because RESTAURANT MENUS MANIPULATE US.

1. Limit your choices

The multitude of choices is often a source of anguish, and above all a waste of time for everyone since it usually takes you eight centuries before ordering the same duck breast again that you always order every time you go to the restaurant. Apparently the most effective combination is to give 7 choices per category (starters, main courses, desserts), just enough to encourage you to choose a new dish.

2. Add photos

Adding photos of a dish would increase the choices made for this dish by 30%, that is to say. So of course when you go to a rotten kebab with pictures of oozing meat, it’s not necessarily appetizing. But a beautiful, well-taken, very attractive photo will undoubtedly push you to choose this lobster risotto. On the other hand, everything is a question of measurement, the more photos there are, the more it cheapises the place (yes, I invented this verb).

3. Manipulate prices

For example, remove the euro symbol, to make customers forget (visibly mentally impaired and amnesic customers) that they are spending money. It is also necessary to indicate the price at the end history to be salivated first by the detail of the menu. Because we imagine that if we see the price before that should cut us the chewing. Clearly the guys never had me in front of them when I was hungry.

4. They confuse you with sneaky tricks

For example, we are going to highlight the most expensive lobster-based dish at €200 (well, “200”) just to give you the impression that the rest is a little less expensive and that your entrecôte at 40 balls is ultimately not the end of the world. Moreover, presenting prices a little higher than the average is a good sleight of hand to make people believe that you are eating something of super quality, which is often not the case.

5. Place the most expensive dish in the area you look at first

It seems weird but in fact when we open a menu, our gaze gallops directly to the right side at the top. That’s why the most expensive dishes are usually placed in this area. You also need to leave space around the high-priced dish to show it off. Well we’re not going to lie to each other, there are also a lot of restaurants that don’t give a damn about steaks.

6. They play with colors

Of course, if we’re dealing with a menu cognitive psychology freak, the guy isn’t going to ignore the colors. And for good reason, some of them influence our behavior, for example blue soothes. And it will be noticed that many restaurants (or simply the most famous fast food chain in the world, I named I named…?) use the yellow and red colors which are said to stimulate the appetite.

7. Blablablablablabla

The richer the menus are in descriptions, the more they reassure the customer who will think that he will get his money’s worth with all the information present on his plate. But also, the more the name of the dish is bombastic based on “heavenly sauerkraut on its cloud of satiny zucchini”, the more it arouses desire. Attention, not the sexual desire.

8. They tickle your nostalgia

We all have a dish that takes us back to our childhood (for me, it’s raw chicken liver). And restaurants know it. These cheats. That’s why you’ll always find a more traditional meal on their menu for those nostalgic for the blanquette de veau.

9. They put words in your mouth in spite of you

When the waiter approaches you like a feline ready to pounce on its prey and offers you something to drink, when you didn’t want to drink, but from the moment he offers you, you feel obligated to order three bottles of the most expensive wine at once. The stupid thing.

10. They put MDMA in the menu pages to get you to take off your $356 bill.

Because in fact it was a prank.

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