Top 10 skills needed to be a boarding school supervisor (a brave job)

When we talk about supervisor, we often think of the day pawn who hangs around in school life. So already we don’t say “pawn” but “supervisor”, and in addition there are also night supervisors, those who protect the boarding school from the forces of Evil. However, certain specific skills are required for these men and women who face danger every day.

1. Dress in good taste

We don’t ask you to be at the forefront of fashion, although that of your high school students is beyond you, but avoid slippers and Mickey pajamas, it can influence your power over these brats. Good after if you are 2 meters and who you push to the room, you can afford everything.

2. Be good at ALL types of games

Certainly when you manage a gaggle of small soldiers, you have to manage the question of distance with them. Being close without being buddy-buddy, and being distant while being accessible. But nothing prevents you from making them miserable at table football, belote, tarot, asshole, dominoes, and even the perched cat. You are the adult, you have to win, you have no other choice. The objective is the complete atomization of the adversary. And then it will be the opportunity to become a pro in the best playground games.

Top 10 skills needed to be a boarding school supervisor (a brave job)

3. Know how to develop the surprise effect

You have to know how to be forgotten, they think they are alone, they get carried away and PAF you appear. A good scare doesn’t hurt, especially when it’s Kevin who is drawing a character on the dick. You have to know how to be one with the darkness, in order to become a kind of Batman.

4. Have supernatural hearing

Hearing is good, but hearing Brandon get up at night to practice shaving foam in Jean Eudes’ room at 3am is better. For that you have to empty yourself, in order to increase your senses and become a real bat. Did I ever talk about being Batman?

5. Also be endowed with the eye of the lynx

In addition to hearing, you also need the sight of the eagle. So you’ll be able to recognize the silhouette of Kimberley still hanging around the halls looking for someone to piss off. Attention, as soon as the interception avoids the armbar, and any projection of the pupil by the window, it seems to me that it is prohibited by law.

6. Get a mole

Unless you have the charisma of Ryan Reynolds, you don’t have them all at your feet. So, clever stratagem, you need to find a spy, a young woman who is well integrated but far enough back to glean as much information as possible on the various traffics that reign within your building.

7. Have a sense of humor

They want to laugh and they have the right to, but their sense of humor sucks. It’s teenage humor, and it’s definitely shit. So rather than shouting to show that you disagree, use the valve, the one at the 36th degree which will bring them down one floor, provided they understand the meaning. So forget your Latin jokes, nobody cares.

Top 10 skills needed to be a boarding school supervisor (a brave job)

8. And self-mockery too

You are not the supreme being, the one who succeeds in everything he undertakes, who never fails, you are not immune to falling down the stairs, spilling a bowl of coffee on your jeans clean at breakfast, to stutter or even to vomit on yourself while chatting with a wall. Anyway, make fun of yourself, it will save you from looking like the embittered pawn who can’t stand anything.

9. Learn to let go

Your natural authority as a boarding school supervisor does not force you to impose it all the time, make them understand that you can reach out to them on condition that they return you. spin money hand it in exchange. They want to watch a horror movie at 11 p.m.? Ok, you’re skeptical, but the next day you wake them up at 6:30 am, they’re grown up, they manage themselves.

10. Be yourself

You may be lucky enough to have all the skills mentioned, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter, being yourself also means showing that you don’t force yourself to be the supervisor. coolest in high school and that’s the most important thing about this job.

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