Top 10 singers whose album we bought and then totally forgot existed, we are…

Ah, short-lived hits are the magic and cruelty of the music industry. One day we see an artist hatch (yes, sometimes “artist” is a very big word) who sells a bunch of albums, but the next day he no longer exists. Disappeared from radar. Until we hear his name again in the middle of a conversation, or have his song in our head all day for no reason. It’s true, we bought his album, even if we’re often a little ashamed, and today it’s lying around in the back of the glove box, in the back of a cupboard, in oblivion.

1. Jena Lee

She is exactly 30 years old the day I write this top, which provokes in me an emotional thought. Jena Lee tried to launch a concept: an emo style with music that was anything but emo, closer to a kind of pop/R’n’b/electro/ugly. ” He has a hint of Ashton Kutcher’s charm. He has Barney’s madness in How I Met Your Mother. He has Edward’s romantic side in Twilight. He has the talent of Eminem and the voice of Brian McKnight “Deep and touching words. Come back Jena Lee.

2. Aaron Carter

The little American blond had his entrances into the world of music since he was the little brother of one of the members of the Backstreet Boys, a top quality boy band. Except that he did everything less well, and that the only recent news about him is that he got hit on stage by a musician who was opening for him. Sadness. I don’t know if he ended up nabbing this Candy, who I was secretly in love with at the time.

3. Koxie

Boy, if you take the cedilla off, it’s dumb. A real lesson in civility and feminism that is still taught in the best sociology masters. But if we all remember her song, we forgot who Koxie was. She finally left her magnificent artist name aside to join Camille Combal on the radio under her real name, Laure Cohen. A real success story.

4. Daniel Powerter

Eh, anyway, it was not disgusting this song. Perfect to play in the evening to give yourself a dark and tortured side, to seduce all the girls in terminal L and officially become a “lover”. Yes, we were allowed to use that word at the time. Today it is on the blacklist of nerdy words even in the eyes of the most nerdy.

5. Linkup

Okay, Matt Pokora did very well career-wise, but he left behind his little boy band, which was probably the best decision of his life. He believed in his star, it’s beautiful. The other two members, themselves, struggled well. One of the two almost represented France at Eurovision in 2005, but he ended up being a room driver and wedding host. It’s not the same atmosphere.

6.Leona Lewis

This is quite recent, so maybe we’ll give it a chance. But after her victory in X factor in Great Britain and two albums which did not badly market (plus a third more timid), no more traces of Leona Lewis. We are currently looking for her. According to the police, it would have disappeared at the same time as the respect.

7. The server

It is complicated. The singer of the band had one of the most annoying voices in the world, and at the same time we were pretty excited about the song. Anyway, we didn’t ask ourselves the question for too long since we never heard of The Servant again. Their last album dates back to 2006, the year when I imposed my style of dress on all the third B by wearing something other than Van’s and a baggy.

8. Naast

The time when the real ones listened to Les Filles du Mouv’ under the covers so as not to be caught by their parents. The era of Plasticines and BB Brunes. Naast arrived as a pale copy of the latter, and this is surely what caused their death in the first stage of their existence. A dark story of a fight on stage and a fork stuck in an eye also contributed to their somewhat bad group image. This song was still really annoying, you have to admit.

9. Otara Millionaires Club

OMC, for friends, it was a New Zealand group that had a big hit with a song, how weird. It smells like vacations, car trips, vacations. It also feels like the shooting star of music that we barely have time to see pass. Today, the two brother members of the group are dead, which eliminates a priori any possibility of a comeback.

10. The Schnappi

My favourite singer. He was a crocodile, he was German, he was nice. WHY DID YOU LEAVE SCHNAPPI?

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