Top 10 singers who hate their own songs, it’s still nerd

It happens to absolutely everyone to make childhood mistakes. For some, we talk about wearing way too big baggy jeans when we were 14 years old. For others, we are more on memories of cigarettes smoked in scred in the bathroom of the house so that the parents do not pick up. Finally, for the most privileged among us (i.e. not us, otherwise we wouldn’t be here), we’re talking about hits that made a huge splash and propelled artists to the top but that their own singers hate today and regret having done. And it’s the latter that we’re going to be interested in, because ok, maybe you thought you were cool when you smoked your cigarettes out of sight of your darons, but in reality, know this: it’s not impress anyone.

1. Madonna – “Like a Virgin”

I’d be surprised if you didn’t know of the existence of ” Like a Virgin“, one of the biggest hits in the world, a hyper-provocative piece which was released in 1984, we heard it EVERYWHERE. Except suddenly Madonna herself heard it so much she can’t take it anymore, she can’t hear it in public anymore and she said she’d be willing to sing it again just for $30 million. . So, 30 million, it’s true that it’s a lot. So, I offer you something. I sacrifice myself, I sing it for 1 million and we don’t talk about it anymore. Or even for 2 dollars. Please.

2. Kurt Cobain – “Smells like Teen Spirit”

Smells like Teen Spirit, it is the song that is adored by absolutely everyone. Everyone except Kurt Cobain himself. In an interview, he even confessed that he had the impression that this music was a copy of The Pixies and that when he had to play it, he just felt like throwing his guitar and running. It’s not bad though, for music that millions of people are super fans of.

3. Ariana Grande – “Put Your Hearts Up”

If she doesn’t have too much to complain about the music, Ariana says she experienced the filming of the video for ” Put your Hearts up like a nightmare. They had given her bad self-tanner, a princess dress that was a bit too silly, and made her walk the streets. She experienced it so badly that she still has nightmares of that moment and she asked Vevo to hide the video. Know that you are therefore bad fans if you dare to watch this video: (yes, we are clearly bad fans)

4. Lady Gaga – “Telephone”

There are people for whom doing a collab with Beyonce would be the consecration, the absolute dream, the thing to do before you die (I’m talking about Jul for example)(it’s wrong). Then there are others, who managed to grant this wish, but who regret very much (I’m talking about Lady Gaga for example)(it’s true). Telephone, which has still reached more than 400 million views, is absolutely no longer supported by the artist. For Lady Gaga, it’s the song she has the hardest time listening to, because the production was far too stressful for her. We don’t know what Beyonce thinks of it, but in any case we love it.

5. Zayn Malik – All One Direction Songs

Unsurprisingly, Zayn says the songs he wanted to sing when he was at One Direction were always reworked 50 times to sound more pop and commercial. Suddenly, he did not have too much freedom on the music, because he had to sing “what was going to sell” according to his agents. Besides, he is not the only one, Liam Payne says that when ” What makes you beautiful goes on the radio, he is forced to turn off his radio directly. He hated it, and so did we. It gives us something in common.

6. Lorde – “Royals”

According to Lorde herself, the song that made her all the rage is “disastrous”, “awful”, and sounds like “an old Nokia ringtone from 2006”. At least she can be reassured knowing that it will never be worse than the alarm clocks of iPhones, but we understand her regret.

7. Miley Cyrus – “Party in the USA”

The artist who has gone from the very smooth Hannah Montana to “the girl who got naked on a ball” does not take on some of her first sounds too much. Even though she says she doesn’t really regret ” Party in the USA“Today, it’s not who she is, what she wants to sing, or how she wants her voice to sound. Because now Miley is badass and much cooler.

8. Radiohead – “Creep”

The funniest song in the world (no) ended up getting tired of the members of the group who sing it. They were even so tired that during a concert, when fans asked for the song, they answered “Fuck off we’re tired of it”. At least it has the merit of being clear, clean and precise. They are fed up with.

9. Brian May (Queen) – “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Don’t Stop Me Now is so viral that now EVERYONE knows it (even my grandma, and my grandma barely knows my first name). If for the other members of the group, music is a source of pride, Brian May, the guitarist, has never been a fan of it. He thinks the song promotes Freddie Mercury’s overly dangerous lifestyle.

10. Celine Dion – “My Heart Will Go On”

Imagine there’s music that brings you an Oscar and a lot of Grammys. Also imagine that you hated this music from the very beginning. This is what happened for Céline with ” My heart Will Go On“, she even said that as soon as the curtains opened in Las Vegas, she was like “Oh no, not that song again! “. She would have preferred the song to flow like the Titanic, but unfortunately it didn’t and now she’ll be rocking this music for the rest of her life.

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