Top 10 singers who canceled concerts for lack of audience, it’s sad

We tend to think that artists’ worst nightmares are the financial slump after a good period. But the worst of the worst is the lack of recognition from the public after having known his love, not selling records when we have sold plenty, having to cancel his concerts. It gives the feeling of going out of business, of being rejected, alone, bruised. And I speak knowingly since one day my mother told me that my dance performance was not terrible. My mother. My best audience. The one who is supposed to support me in every way. It broke my heart. So yes, I know what I’m talking about.

1. Mariah Carey

Despite huge promotion, only 4,000 tickets were sold for Mariah Carey’s 2007 concert in Hong Kong. A little disappointed with the interpreter of All I want for Christmas.

2. Shy’m

She had to cancel 5 concerts for lack of audience in 2017 and yet she wanted to at her concerts. She had told her fans that she would have made them even half empty if necessary but that it was not her who decided. He really is a beautiful person.

3. Keen’V

The second part of the Keen’V tour in March 2020 did not happen. Humble, the singer admitted that it was perhaps too ambitious. His Therapy Tour therefore ended earlier than expected that year.

4. Michel Polnareff

If the doll says “no, no, no” Michel Polnareff’s audience did the same in 2016 since out of 10 dates only 4 were maintained. A failure that has not yet called into question his hairstyle.

5. Lori

It was in April 2013 for the tour of his first self-produced album DANSE. The success was not at the meeting. And it’s true that his clip The Dancing Divas had jostled the fans of the first hour. I was personally shocked to go from My best friend to Lorie licking a banana full of Nutella when she wakes up, Lorie dancing in black underwear in front of her mirror, the absence of well-oiled choreography.

Top 10 singers who canceled concerts for lack of audience
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Lorie – Monte-Carlo Television Festival.jpg: Frantogian

6. Star Academy 7

People who were born in 2000 may not remember this show but in the first season in 2001 it was god fire. But here in 2008 it was the seventh season and perhaps one too many. Not enough tickets sold, concert cancelled. And FYI it’s already happened to The Voice too.

7. T-Pain

The American rapper had launched the opening of a ticket office for a new tour, 1UP DLC, which will ultimately be canceled due to low sales. According to him it was due to the poor organization of the tour. He promised his disappointed audience to do another one.

8. Gerald of Palmas

He had to cancel the last two dates of his tour in 2013 for “economic reasons” (read: not enough people who bought tickets) despite a major promotion. If I had known I would have taken a ticket because I like this artist. Who hasn’t hummed “I’m still dreaming about it” or “A single life”? Honestly it’s cool. And his little accent there. Too cute.

9. Chantal Goya

The star artist of the 70s and 80s canceled a concert in Alençon which was to be held in May 2015. And the worst thing is that it was the second time that she canceled a concert in this city. Well yes, but your audience has also grown Chantal.

10. Mrs Mr

We knew them thanks to their participation in Eurovision in 2018 with their song Mercy, a nice title with which I saw us winning but good. We finished 13th. And despite their journey, the success was not at the RDV and it was a concert in Guipavas that paid for it.

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