Top 10 similarities between children and animals, two species not so far apart

Have you ever told a little about your struggles as a young parent with a colleague who answers you each time: “Ah well, it’s the same with my cat! »? If so, nothing to be offended because yes, between our animal friends and these little creatures to which we had the funny idea of ​​giving life, there are still far too many points in common to continue to ignore them. The proof in ten species.

1. The dog

It’s almost obvious. Less for man’s best friend side than because we think of the expression “follow someone everywhere like a little doggie”. On the other hand, if the dog is generally characterized by great loyalty towards his human friend, do not count on these ungrateful teenagers to show you gratitude, even after your formidable work of caving in their cave in search of the lost sock.

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2. The cat

We know he’s a formidable hunter, the kind who comes to bring you a dead mouse in your mouth and drop it on your mat. Enjoy your meal’ ! With children, it’s slightly less violent but not more appetizing for all that: snails, slugs, toads, boogers, they are full of inventiveness to drop you all sorts of offerings where really, thank you, you shouldn’t have.

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3. The snail

In terms of speed of execution, we have experienced faster than a child putting on a shoe. It is an understatement to say that our patience is put to the test every day spent alongside our offspring. And that Usain Bolt would have time to circle the Earth 3 times before little Gaspard finishes his peas.

4. The Slug

It’s still fascinating how much drool a baby is able to secrete from birth, isn’t it? When we know that researchers at Harvard University had tried to develop a surgical glue inspired by the mucus of the slug to close wounds, we greatly hope that the liters produced by our dear little cherubs will also soon find their scientific vocation. In the meantime, we keep ourselves busy by counting the bubbles, sometimes there’s a Guinness record to beat…

5. Seagull

If you have several children or have ever found yourself in the presence of more than one child at a time, you must have experienced this scene from Disney Pixar “Finding Nemo” where 150 seagulls are fighting for a poor man little piece of poiscaille shouting “to me! “. And to never make anyone jealous, you have become a master in cutting Smarties. The kind of details that can make the difference on a CV.

6. The Dolphin

If you were counting on us to venture into the field of cuteness, you failed. On the other hand, we are still very impressed by the ability of our toddlers to go up in ultrasound. A little more and they would emit alien signals. Or worse: they could dethrone Mariah Carey on the scale of hardcore vocals.

7. The Elephant

How can such small beings, when they know how to walk, make so much noise while moving? It’s still incredible this use of their heels, right? Sumo wrestling is swan lake next to your children who come running towards you at night.

8. The hyena

So rolling on the floor every time you hear the word pee or poo is fine for two minutes but you get tired of it pretty quickly. We must admit that our dear little darlings have no equal for giggling and giggling for no valid reason in our eyes. The advantage is that we feel very intelligent in these moments and it is always the opportunity to place this fabulous line of the evil Scar in The Lion King: “I wade in imbecility. »

9. The monkey

Let’s skip over all the similarities between monkeys and humans in general. But let’s talk about delousing instead, if you don’t mind. How is it that this ritual of socialization in chimpanzees (“Hello, I’m delousing you, come on, let’s form an alliance if someone comes to bother us?”) turns into the opposite extreme in the cruel and ostracizing courtship recreation (“Don’t talk to Cynthia, it seems she has lice, bouuuh”)?

10. Polecat

You will not make us believe that you have not also asked yourself the question. How can such a small and cute being produce such infamous smells? This is already what we say to ourselves when our baby is only 3 days old and only feeds on milk. Then we discover phase 2 (diversification of food, bonjouuuur) and even when the animal reaches the age of 4, that it no longer wears a diaper but that we still have to come and wipe its derche, we cannot still not to make the link with our little darling of love.

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