Top 10 Silly Animals That Are Super Mean (You Get Closer, You Die)

Animals are nice: they do funny things, they hug you sometimes and they keep you company. But some critters absolutely must stay out of your barracks if you don’t want to lose your life. Yes, because among the most cruel animals, there are cute but dangerous animals and animals with funny faces but who have only one desire: to kill you. So stay away. Very far. Far far far away.

1. Momentum

In the imagination of all people who don’t live in Canada, the elk is a big clumsy deer that goes tiep. BUT NENNI! Already, its size is much larger than we think because it is 3 meters high with its antlers, i.e. two Twingos, and can weigh up to 700kg. So not the kind of thing you want to take on the face a good morning. If you come across one, do not try to offer him a sprint because he can run up to 55km/h and 25km/h in the snow. The guy is so violent that he attacks wolves and bears and his only enemies are killer whales, ticks and himself. A single hoof kick can also puncture your rib cage, by the way.

2. The hippopotamus

The hippopotamus is one of the most dangerous animals in the world and it’s good to remember it because we tend to marvel at cute little hippo babies with their big heads. While in truth, this 3000kg tank kills crocodiles without pressure with its 45cm canines and causes nearly 500 human victims per year. You are therefore asked never to show yourselves before his eyes if you do not want to end up crushed just because you exist.

3. The Pelican

This funny-looking little bird is actually a big fdp. With its huge beak that could swallow a Smeg fridge, it doesn’t hesitate to eat anything it finds (and anything that pisses it off too). Kind of fish, turtles, pigeons and even penguins, sometimes for pure pleasure. But its viciousness doesn’t stop there as the pelican doesn’t chew its meal and just lets its victims disintegrate in its stomach. Dirty atmosphere.

4. The coconut crab

If you’re not a big fan of the basic crabs, know that you’ll probably have nightmares for ten weeks after coming across this one. With its 1m long and 4kg, the coconut crab is above all a monster known for its claws which can pinch with a force of 1500 to 3000 newtons. Knowing that the bite of a jaguar is 900 newtons and that of a brown bear, 1400 newtons. Don’t mess with this demon.

5. The lycaon

These sub-hyenas are actually some nice bitches. Indeed, the leader dogs can kill the kids of the lower members of the pack on purpose. All this for what ? To ensure that the babies of the dominants will have enough to eat and that they will not have their surimis bitten by large miskines. Typical toxic alpha male behavior that, tsss.

6. The Adelie Penguin

There’s plenty of evidence that these penguins are jerks, but to name a few, I’ll remind you that they commit murder, robbery, and sexually assault other penguins. They are also necrophiliacs and pedophiles. Do you want more or is it good, have I convinced you? Conclusion, do not be fooled by their big bully heads.

7. The hen

Knowing that chickens are descended from the T-Rex, despite their picturesque appearance, you can imagine that their aggressive behavior is not trivial. It is perhaps also a little for that that we take our legs around our necks when they start to be violent. Know that there are about 25 billion chickens on Earth, which puts us a little in the sauce in case of rebellion. And if by luck, you manage to cut off their heads, know that their bodies will continue to run to catch you and kill you. Yes, it is terrifying.

8. The anteater

Who would have thought that a quiet ant-eater could actually be a bloodthirsty monster? The anteater, however, is not a cute little bushy mammal when you annoy it. With its claws longer than the highway of the sun, it can send you to heaven in two and a half seconds simply by shredding you. Their claws are so powerful they can smash through concrete, so imagine the damage if one of them were to tickle your stomach.

9. The Glutton

You have the right to file a complaint for moral harassment if someone calls you a glutton because you have taken blue cheese quiche five times, because it is not a compliment at all. The glutton, with its thirty kilos dry, attacks grizzly bears, elk, and pumas, which are sometimes up to 25 times its weight and can even attack polar bears, aka the largest carnivore of the world. The guy is such a madman that in winter, instead of resting like many mammals, he hunts and digs up frozen corpses under the snow to eat them. By the way, it’s called gluttonous because it’s able to eat frozen flesh, bones, and even teeth. Just to tell you.

Top 10 silly animals that are super mean (you get closer, you die)
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Spencer Wright from North Walsham, England

10. The Cattle Egret

Cattle egrets look like basic birds that are a bit bolstered by life and could almost be mistaken for gulls. If gulls bust their balls stealing food, know that cattle egrets are ten times worse in terms of crimes: they harass their weaker siblings and peck them to push them from the nest to until they fall and crash to the ground. Inclusion and diversity, they don’t know too much.

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