Top 10 Signs Your Friend Is Too Drunk, And It’s Dangerous

1. He didn’t have dinner before coming to a party or a party

But everyone knows that it is the golden rule not to be in trouble after three minutes. An empty stomach is sure to get drunk with the alcohol going too fast in the blood, and that’s not good at all. So if your friend hasn’t eaten, it’s a bad start for him.

2. He takes shots to “warm up” before leaving for the evening

So yeah a little before before going to join the friends is nice, but if it’s to arrive completely buttered at the real party, it’s still a bit stupid. Let him put down his shots and take a little soft to start with. That’s how we get on well.

3. He nearly beats himself up when he leaves his house

Ok, that means that the before has already been drunk and that the evening promises to be too alcoholic. It’s time to make a little point like: “You know, I think you can take it easy for a few hours, you’re already round as a shovel when we haven’t even started the real party yet. » It’s always good advice and it won’t ruin his night, on the contrary.

4. You see your friend more often refilling drinks than talking to people

The purpose of an evening is still to have fun with friends, not to spend your time filling and emptying your glass at full speed. Instead, take her dancing or chatting with others to keep her in a good mood, otherwise the memories aren’t going to be great for her.

5. She continues to drink when she clearly looks on the verge of being unwell

Obviously in this case, it’s up to you to take over and take away his glass of alcohol to replace it with a glass of water. And then go and sit in a quiet corner just to relax a little. If his situation worries you, don’t hesitate to call the emergency services (there’s no shame, they’re there for that too).

6. He keeps telling you about old shameful memories

He clearly starts to bader thinking about the stupid thing he said to his crush 5 years ago when it’s not at all his usual personality. It looks like the booze is making him a lot sadder and talkative than he usually is, and he’s going to regret it tomorrow. It’s time to bring him back in the evening with the others and make him slow down his consumption: it should be better.

7. He’s starting to think Connemara Lakes isn’t so bad

OUCH, it’s not going well at all. Well then, we all start to like bad songs after a drink or two, so it’s not a big cause for concern, but watch it anyway, you never know.

8. She tells you she can go home on her own, but the answer is NO

Under no circumstances should you let her go alone in this state. It’s a blow that she finds herself in the hospital, with a stranger or in a street fight. In short, you never let a re-bou mate go home solo, that’s the real rule of friendship.

9. He drops a little surprise cake on the back

When you drink like a hole, it does not forgive. In this case, it is indeed better that it comes out, but the little vomit still leaves not very glorious memories. Be there to support your friend (and hold his hair if it’s long, it helps), avoid stories and wait until the next day before telling him that he may have abused the bottle a little.

10. The next day she asks you for a debrief of the evening to see if she didn’t do too much bullshit

Blackouts and other temporary memory loss suck. When you don’t even know if you’ve shown your body to all the other guests or if you’ve stayed quiet, it’s because you haven’t managed the quantity of drink, and that’s okay. All you have to do is fill in the holes of your friend’s evening and tell him to slow down a bit. That’s what friends are for.

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