Top 10 signs that your child is gifted, he really is the smartest

It’s only you who sees it, but the little troll who doesn’t use your brat is a pure genius. You go into raptures over everything he does and the others around you often try to calm your ardor. They are jealous of their hideous kids who only know how to bite on others as a “hello”. Later, you imagine him on the benches of Polytechnique or Sciences-Po. And you’re right.

1. He’s already a fine political scientist

He is interested in politics. You are sure of that. You deduced it from his particularly accentuated little burps which seem to mark an immoderate enthusiasm each time you zap on BFMTV. During the election period, you even feared that he would explode as he belched so much. A cataclysm and a blessing at the same time.

2. He can read when he is only three years old

Often, before going to sleep, you settle into his little bed and choose a book for him at random, “Hold on The Critique of Pure Reason, that will do. » You help him to read because for the moment apart from covering the book with drool, he doesn’t do much. But you’re sure it’s only because he doesn’t speak very well yet. Otherwise he would read the whole thing out loud. With tone please.

3. He debates with his little comrades on existential questions

One evening, when you were picking him up from daycare, you overheard him having a heated exchange with little Lucas. The reason for their dispute being: “What is education for? Is a nihilistic posture possible to relativize the educational issues? “. Well you rephrased it because it’s true that when you arrived, it was more like “-I don’t like school, the teacher is ugly. -Like you ! »

4. He eats with his fingers, he knows how to ignore the comfort provided by cutlery

He’s an adventurer. You could leave him alone somewhere in the forest for several days, he would manage. He would build the most welcoming wooden shelter with his chubby tiny arms. He would catch game with his bare hands and chew it with his three teeth. A real predator.

5. He wakes you up at night crying, he’s on edge

Agitated by emotions beyond comprehension, he revolts, he convulses, he cries out for death. You rock him but he continues to express his dismay. You wonder what makes him so unhappy. Perhaps it is the finitude of man and the ephemeral nature of his existence that disturb him the most. This child will be an artist. Finally at home and at the blue workshops, otherwise it will be polytechnic and nothing else we said.

Top 10 signs that your child is gifted, he really is the smartest

6. He is able to move on his buttocks, walking is overrated

It’s quite impressive to see. Rather than walking like most of his 5-year-old friends. He prefers to rest on his small buttocks. And although the pediatrician insists that it’s not normal and that it’s high time he got started, you don’t want to rush him and you want him to develop his free will at all costs. .

7. He fills his layers with creativity and spontaneity

You just changed it. You took eight hours since he kept gesticulating, surely testing new acrogym tricks (the kid is already projecting himself into CE1, a real genius). And while he’s all clean, he looks you straight in the eye, defiantly, and you smell a nauseating odor which, slowly, spreads throughout the apartment. Dirty brat. Sorry, future Einstein of my de…

Top 10 signs that your child is gifted, he really is the smartest

8. Because you yourself are gifted and it’s genetic

And when people ask you how you know, you don’t dare admit that it was an obscure IQ test website that revealed it to you.

9. He paints like Leonardo da Vinci, at least you managed to convince yourself of that

But then Leonardo da Vinci very very drunk who would have broken his arm, sorry both arms. Well yes, you are bound to find a certain charm in its old crusts since they will quickly invade all the walls of your living room. And to avoid having nausea every time you’re slumped on your sofa, it’s better to apply the Coué method: “my kid’s paintings are sublime, they’re masterpieces of modern art, my child is a real artist” and you repeat it twenty times.

10. Because he knows how to blow his nose on his own like a grown-up

And that he uses everything and anything as a support: your sweater, your hair, the suede sofa, his duvet, his mattress, the dining table, the carpet, your person, your soul, your existence serve him of handkerchief. He controls his flows. Certainly randomly, but he masters them.

If your child combines all these qualities, he is very likely a little genius and you are very lucky because you risk living everything at 100 per hour. 5 years old, beginning of the adolescent crisis, 8 years old the first desires for independence and at 12 years old, he takes off. And in his small studio of 15 square meters he writes long books on quantum physics and questions Kant’s doctrine of transcendental idealism. Have fun !

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