Top 10 Shortest Lived Dog Breeds (It’s Sad)

We have already told you about the animals that have the shortest life expectancy, we will now focus on one animal in particular: the dog. I haven’t started writing this top that I already want to cry out all the tears in my body. But hey, the fact remains that a study by the Royal Veterinary College, ranking dog breeds by life expectancy, was recently published. Let’s do this death list. Finally… This list not cool at all, what.

1. The French Bulldog

Life expectancy: 4.53 years old…I AM FUCK CRYING ALREADY.

Small character trait: he is a dog that is much too mims, happy, sweet and playful. He is considered the ideal playmate for children, thanks to his calm and patience.

Top 10 shortest lived dog breeds (it's sad)
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2. The English Bulldog

Life expectancy: 7.39 years old.

Small character trait: he is excessively stubborn, but much less aggressive than in the past. It must be said that in Great Britain, in the Middle Ages, this breed was bred to fight… bulls! Just that. From ferocious dog, he went to grumpy doggie. And it’s still more fun.

3. The Pug

Life expectancy: 7.65 years old.

Small character trait: he is particularly sociable, gentle, playful and a joker. His favorite thing: being pampered and snoring. Literally. Snoring and purring very loudly. It’s very small, but it makes a monster noise, I assure you.

4. The American Bulldog

Life expectancy: 7.79 years old.

Small character trait: he is powerful, alert, outgoing and playful with those he knows. On the other hand, he is vigilant and suspicious of strangers, which makes him an outstanding guardian, better to have with than against you.

5. The Chihuahua

Life expectancy: 7.91 years old.

Small character trait: in addition to being carried around in a handbag, this capricious mini dog has a strong character! He also resents loneliness and long absences. It’s a bit endearing service what. (I’m kidding, it’s strictly forbidden to use the word “endearing” in the first degree. Please.)

6. The Mastiff of Bordeaux

Life expectancy: 6 to 8 years old.

Small character trait: the dogue de Bordeaux is one of the oldest French breeds. Despite a rather impressive build, he is a calm, gentle, patient, loyal and very affectionate animal. Too cute.

7. Great Dane

Life expectancy: 7 to 9 years old.

Small character trait: he is affectionate, active and docile with his adoptive family. On the other hand, and like the American bulldog, he is much more wary of strangers, and makes a great watchdog.

8. The husky

Life expectancy: 9.53 years old

Small character trait: the husky is an independent and stubborn dog, but above all: intelligent. He is even considered one of the smartest dogs of all breeds. A big bg, smart and a bit of a bad boy who doesn’t let himself be educated so easily… WAW.

9. The Beagle

Life expectancy: 9.85 years old.

Small character trait: the beagle is generally considered to be very sociable, both with children and with other pets. Borderline, too sociable: he is so nice that he doesn’t mistrust anyone and makes a poor watchdog. He is a dog who needs a lot of love and, when you see this face… Can you really refuse him a hug, seriously??

10. Boxers

Life expectancy: 10 years.

Small character trait: another dog with quite impressive musculature! He is lively, curious, dynamic and literally tireless. On the other hand, he is a real head of mule, particularly difficult to educate. His face clearly means “don’t piss me off”, right?

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