Top 10 short stories behind the death of series characters

1. Susan in Seinfeld

The story would be almost funny if it weren’t a tad cruel. Georges is engaged to Susan, a somewhat dodgy character played by Heidi Swedberg. Problem: the entire cast of the show hates her. It was even while watching one of her passages that Julia Louis-Dreyfus would have said to Larry David, creator of the series “I only have one desire, and that is to kill her”. It was enough for the character to jump, and that in more than doubtful conditions since she finds her death by licking the envelopes of announcements of her marriage with Georges whose poor quality glue poisons her.

Top 10 short stories behind the death of series characters

2. Dale in Walking Dead

Jeffrey DeMunn was good friends with Frank Darabont, the showrunner of the series. This is why he did not appreciate when the latter was ousted from the project. Jeffrey, alias Dale, flatly asked for his character to be deleted from episode 11 of season 2. He will explain it later in an interview “It was my decision that Dale should die. I was furious at how Frank was kicked out of the show. I spent a week not being able to breathe normally. And then I realized that I could stop. I called production and said, ‘It’s a zombie show, kill me, I don’t want to do this anymore’. It was a huge relief for me. » That’s what we call a faithful actor.

3. Prue in Charmed

Shannen Doherty has a little big head problem. So much so that she does not appreciate that Alyssa Milano is successful at all. The two end up no longer speaking on the set, which complicates things a bit. The studios are outright calling on a mediator to calm the tensions but nothing works. The only solution: to remove the character of Prue (who still had the worst first name in the history of first names).

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Top 10 short stories behind the death of series characters
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4. Charlie Sheen in My Uncle Charlie

We know that Charlie Sheen is a bit of a… RELOU actor. Or really very… BALLS-BOGGING. After outrageously insulting the producers of the series, they ended up separating from him with an unfortunate car accident (in the series, eh, not in life). And stroke of luck, it is Ashton Kutcher who replaces him, everyone is happy.

Top 10 short stories behind the death of series characters

5. Eddie in Desperate Housewives

Here again we are on a death caused by bad agreement on the set. It all started when Nicolette Sheridan yelled because Marc Cherry allegedly hit her on the head. It got into trouble and the creators of the series felt that it would be better to do without this character. Nice.

6. George O’Malley in Grey’s Anatomy

His death had traumatized the fans but it was nevertheless the result of a decision upstream. Actor TR Knight felt he was being phased out of the show in season 5 in favor of Sandra Oh. On top of this, tensions were added with Shonda Rhimes who, according to the actor, would not have appreciated him confessing his homosexuality after the altercation which had opposed him to Isaiah Washington (another actor in the series ousted for having made remarks homophobic). By mutual agreement, we therefore opted for the death of the character.

Top 10 short stories behind the death of series characters

8. Frank in House of Cards

Ah him, we all remember him, and in particular the reason for his death. The star actor of the series is then the subject of several complaints for sexual abuse and harassment (on a minor, among others). The production immediately decides to separate from the actor.

Top 10 short stories behind the death of series characters

9. Harrison in Scandal

Here again, the death of the character is explained above all by a problematic actor: Columbus Short. Accused of domestic violence, it was enough for Shonda Rhimes to drop the character of the script with a death announced no more and no less by mail.

10. Doctor Kutner in Dr House

If most of the unexpected deaths of series characters are explained by a tension between an actor · ice and another member of the set, it also happens that career choices push some to impose the death of their character. This is the case of Kal Penn who had to add his character to accept the post of liaison officer that was then offered to him at the White House. Nice.

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