Top 10 shoots that have the most shit, bad press

Movie shoots can quickly become big machines. Without necessarily talking about huge Hollywood productions, a shoot requires people, vehicles, personnel and creates commotion and a lot of other stuff that can degenerate a little or exceed other people, not to mention absolutely atrocious shoots . We are going to address today the case of certain shootings of films or music videos which really caused a great mess and which many people still remember, for quite various reasons but which are rarely positive.

1. Rust (2022)

You must have heard of this film perhaps even without knowing the title, it is about the shooting on which actor Alec Baldwin accidentally killed a person because of a firearm which was loaded with real balls. Apart from the immense controversy and the emotion caused by the drama, the filming changed a lot of things in the United States: certain actors like The Rock have simply declared that they would no longer play in films with firearms and others want a police officer to be placed on the set of series and films as a security consultant.

2. “Sleep now in the fire”, music video for “Rage Against the machine”

Unlike filming without permission, this clip directed by Michael Moore was done according to the rules. The thing was to take place in front of the Federal Hall in New York, where there is the stock exchange and was to show hundreds of people demonstrating in front of the building. The problem is that the people inside were panicked by the movement outside especially when the extras tried to break into the building, which resulted in a big mess. Stock exchange workers simply deserted the offices and left their posts, something that hadn’t happened since the stock market crash of 1929.

3. Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

You may not know it, but the film Mad Max: Fury Road was filmed in the oldest desert in the world, namely the desert of Namibia. The big problem with this shoot is that by putting more than a hundred vehicles that drive super fast and by blowing up explosives and pyrotechnic effects at all costs it can slightly damage the terrain. And that’s what happened, scientists really yelled because the filming had ruined the very fragile ecosystem of the desert which had remained preserved until now.

4.Skyfall (2012)

We told you about it with the expensive stuff destroyed for movies and inevitably you need a James Bond in this top. In the motorcycle chase scene, the production negotiated with the merchants of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to keep their stalls closed during filming, so far no problem. But the thing is, they farted a whole bunch of stuff to make the scene and the post-shoot repairs took so long that the shopkeepers ended up losing money on their sales by the time they realize. And of course the production paid them nothing back (not to mention the fact that a three-century-old crystal pane was smashed to make the scene).

5. The Hobbit (2012-2014)

Not to mention the natural settings which have suffered from the presence of hundreds of people for a very long time, the problem of the Hobbit trilogy is that there are almost 27 dead animals because of the filming. Between those who were actually used for the scenes and those who were killed because of elements of the production (sets, pyrotechnics, explosions, asphyxiation, drowning…) the number is quite substantial. Apart from that we have referenced several cases of fairly severe injuries in horses for example, like broken bones or that sort of thing. Not phew as pub.

6.Sense 8

The final episode of the Netflix series which took place in Paris was talked about well before its broadcast, and for good reason the use of fireworks on the field of Mars caused panic. Already no one had been warned but above all the noise of detonation in this period of attacks when everyone was on edge had really caused a wave of anxiety and hundreds of people had shared their concern on social networks.

7. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

When you do a big stunt scene you normally have to take every precaution to keep people who have nothing to do with the film as far away as possible. While filming a scene for this episode of Transformers, a poor woman who was driving innocently was involved in an accident when a cable came loose and went through her windshield hitting her in the head. She is now handicapped and needs a household help, a ruined life just to be passed at the wrong time near the shooting of a shitty movie.

8. The Foreigner (2017)

The people of London were truly panicked when one morning a red double-decker London bus blew up on a city bridge. If it was all part of a shoot, people weren’t warned and we were at the time in the midst of attacks everywhere. A British MP had even tried to reassure people on twitter because the info had quickly spread throughout the city in panic.

9.Walking Dead

The filming of the series walking dead is one of the shoots that pissed off the locals and for good reason: the filming location used to make the city of Alexandria was a real city called Senoia. Apart from the fact that filming a series is very, very long and that it handicapped the lives of local residents, what pushed the inhabitants to the limit is the behavior of fans from all over the country who wanted to see the filming. A municipal council has even been launched to put an end to this madness and return to a more or less normal life.

10. Scream (1996)

Needless to remind you of what happens in the intro to the movie “Scream” where we see young Drew Barrymore being whacked by the notorious killer in the most stylish mask of all time. While filming the scene the actress had to use a phone to dial 911 which had to be disconnected from the phone lines, except it wasn’t. Suddenly, what had to happen happened: the police were contacted several times during the filming of the scene to hear a poor woman screaming for help and saying that there was a killer. Apart from the fact that the person on the phone probably freaked out like never before, it monopolized the police switchboard and could prevent real people from successfully reaching them. The production was obliged to explain all this to the real police officers.

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