Top 10 shitty things that we keep only by tradition

In France, there are three things that we love more than anything in the world: fresh bread, complaining and a bit boring traditions. I couldn’t even count the number of times I heard “yes, it’s boring, but that’s the way it is” when I was a kid because there are typical French things that we forced to do without really knowing why. Come on, we abolish traditions (except chopsticks of course).

1. La bise, this useless rapprochement

The kiss has always been there and no one asked questions before the pandemic: we kiss and that’s it. Except that after a year and a half without a kiss, we realize that we don’t really miss it. Of course, it’s always nice to kiss or hug loved ones, but is it really necessary to share your miasma with the strangers you meet in the evening? Not sure.

Top 10 shitty things that we keep only by tradition

2. The tie, this instrument of torture

The tie, originally Croatian, was created under Louis XIII in the 17th century. This piece of fabric has been around for almost 400 years and today, fashion has degenerated a bit. People feel they have to wear one to look stylish, but it doesn’t always work. Between the filthy patterned ties, the far too ugly tie knots and the people who wear them with shirts, it’s time to stop the costs.

3. Eat your meal in a specific order

There is surely a logical explanation for the classic order of meals, but I find that it is given far too much importance. What the hell does it matter if I eat my cheese as a starter? Fortunately, some people have freed themselves from these dictates of society and you can see them at McDo eating their ice cream before their burgers. That’s freedom.

Top 10 shitty things that we keep only by tradition

4. Wear black to funerals

A funeral is necessarily sad. We say goodbye to a loved one, we wipe our eyes in a handkerchief and we throw a flower in a hole: fun way. Why can’t we bring a bit of cheerfulness by dressing in colorful clothes? I’m sure the dead wouldn’t be offended.

5. Celebrate Christmas with the family

Every year, it’s the same thing: we celebrate Christmas with family and the New Year with friends. Christmas with the family is nice when you’re a child because you have lots of presents, but once you’re an adult, you only have food and alcohol. For many people, family celebrations are an ordeal and I don’t see why we should inflict that on ourselves. Why not celebrate Christmas with his friends? Think about it.

Top 10 shitty things that we keep only by tradition

6. Meetings that could be emails

In France, we love doing lots of work meetings all the time because it’s still super nice to get together. Except that in truth, not really. Given the information you sent us Jean-Michel, 3 lines of email would have sufficed.

7. Recreational fishing, the worst hobby

We often talk about hunting because it’s super dangerous in addition to being cruel, but recreational fishing isn’t fun either. The object of the game is to catch fish by piercing their mouths and throwing them back into the water. “Come on little injured fish, go suffer somewhere else and be glad I don’t kill you!” »

Top 10 shitty things that we keep only by tradition

8. La Marseillaise as the national anthem

Well, in real life it doesn’t matter, but why keep such a violent song when we have masterpieces in our national repertoire like love of Naps and coconut from Wejdene?

9. Cover Letters From Hell

Everyone hates cover letters. It’s painful for you to write it, it’s painful for employers to read it and it’s even painful to hear about it. So why do we keep demanding those letters from hell? No one really knows…

Top 10 shitty things that we keep only by tradition

10. The Legend of Santa Claus

Every year, I spend 100 bucks on Playmobil and remote control cars so that it’s a made-up old gentleman that the kids thank and admire. It’s still a bit easy.

Come on, we abolish all traditions by singing!

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