Top 10 Sexiest Cartoons Women Don’t Thank You

Some watered our childhood, others continue to hypnotize our children. Cartoons, if it’s very practical for not having to play Monopoly with his son or his little cousin, it’s still a good batch of clichés that are often misogynistic to the last degree. Be careful, we are talking more about TV cartoons, the Pixar and company are far from conveying the same values!


That jug of Lois Lane can’t tell her boyfriend from Superman all because he takes his glasses off. In addition, this moron always puts himself in impossible situations, which means that Superman often has to save her rather than saving the school bus sinking in the lake. IDIOT WOMAN DEPENDENT ON THE PHALLUS.

2.Winx Club

Either the television series that makes Simone de Beauvoir turn in her grave. For those who don’t know, it’s the story of ultra sexualized girls who love fashion and learn the art of fairies while the boys learn the art of war. There you go.

3. Trotro

In this cartoon for toddlers, Maman Trotro is relegated to cooking, washing dishes and above all not working! At the same time, a working donkey doesn’t run the streets, it’s true. Maybe that’s also why Mama Brown Bear prefers to do housework.

4. Knights of the Zodiac

In this Dorothy Generation manga, who doesn’t remember the Bronze Knights who spend about 221 episodes fighting the Golden Knights because that moron Princess Athena got shot in the heart? Oh guys, you couldn’t call 911, it might have taken less time.

5. Nicky Larson

Another must of Japanese manga: Nicky Larson. This is the paroxysm of the sexist cartoon. Macho heroes, bimbos girls and the only one who has interest is “Laura” a real tomboy. But beware, the author still caught up with Cat’s eyes so it’s okay, CALM YOURSELF.

6. Barbie

Because I mean, come on…


Not many women on the horizon in all the Tintin episodes. Apart from the Castafiore who is completely typed, one wonders if Tintin does not live in a world where women are upholstered in the sewers or far away in the forest.

8. The Smurfs and their Smurfette

Originally created by Gargamel to screw up the Smurfs, here is the recipe for Smurfette:

A bit of coquetry, a solid layer of bias, three crocodile tears, a linnet’s brain, the powder of a viper’s tongue, a carat of trickery, a handful of anger, a finger of fabric of lies, sewn with white thread, of course, a bushel of gluttony, a quarteron of bad faith, a dice of unconsciousness, a dash of pride, a hint of envy, a touch of sentimentality, a part of stupidity and a part of cunning, a lot of volatile spirit and a lot of stubbornness, a candle burned at both ends. »

Fortunately, the smurfette quickly turns her jacket around and joins the village to smell the flowers and wash the smurfs’ laundry.

9. Zig and Sharko

We already don’t really like this cartoon which is a kind of disgusting remake of Oggy and the cockroaches. But we hate it even more when we see that it’s the story of a completely nunuche and stuck-up mermaid who risks being eaten by a hungry hyena at any time (symbolizing men? I’ll let you take your position) and who needs a super tough shark to protect her. If that’s not called patriarchy, I don’t know what is.

10. Barbapapas

Barbamama too gentle and protective like a real mother because she has maternal instincts, Barbabelle the flirtatious, Barbotine the intellectual, and Barbalala the musician. Uh, wouldn’t there be a little problem like the guys are strong and funny and the girls are all cute and intellectual? Prepare for the fight.

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