Top 10 Sets Actors Celebrated On, and MANY

We have already told you about the secrets of filming series and the secrets of filming movies, which is not the same game; but we have not yet told you about these shoots on which the team was really partying. And in these times as troubled as a glass of pastis by Gérard Depardieu, remembering the time when the bamboche was still in order will do us all good.

1. Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Little Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the last to throw one behind the bar until she vomits, as she once said in an interview “if I stay late and really party, I am going to throw up “. But it was on the set of this part of the Hunger Games saga that she had taken a binge in the middle of the day with actor Woody Harrelson. The two friends then spent the afternoon running around and laughing, which was probably a bummer for the technical team who wanted to do their job or join them but only had grape juice on the table. management.

2. The Blues Brothers

When Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi met on “Saturday Night Live” it was “immediate love at first sight.” An eventful bromance for these two men who knew (clearly too much) how to party. Repeated beatings every night to the point of falling asleep in musical clubs, an evening spent driving on the highway dressed in Nazi costumes (yes, strange) or even a part of the budget planned for “coke when filming took place at night. In short, maybe a little too forced for these two.

3. Pineapple Express

In the “Stoner movies” category we find a bit of everything. From the crappy film to the little nugget like the very first of its kind “Cheech and Chong: up in smoke” mainly made up of improvisations by stoned actors. The film “Pineapple Express” is one of those good films of its kind and if the weed present on the set was fake, Seth Rogen, James Franco and the other actors clearly smoked more than necessary on the set. We’re going to put that down to the “actors studio” method to get closer to the characters in the film.

4. Super Mario Bros.

Nobody will say otherwise, this film is infamous shit and that’s probably why Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo spent the filming stuffing their faces really seriously and almost daily. During a take, Leguizamo had even forced a little too much on the acceleration of a van he had to drive and had broken Hoskins’ hand. And frankly when you see the final product you can understand this need to decompress on the set (afterwards you have to do it sparingly guys), even if the easiest thing would have been to refuse the project.


Less known than the “Blues Brothers” in France, this film is also a project of the big names of Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. The filming of the latter was completely untenable since at the end of the 1970s we were not going there timidly with drugs: “everyone took everything” had declared the director. For example, the team had ruined several golf carts by having a “tank battle” during an evening that had completely gone wrong. A festive atmosphere that was to be expensive for the production anyway.

6. The Strategist

A rather serious film in which Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill share the poster. But on the set it was valve after valve, since Pitt was delirious to annoy Hill with the group “Wham! by George Michael. Where does the joke come from? No idea, but what started with hanging a simple poster in Hill’s dressing room ended with a total makeover of his golf car. Tampered with images of Jonah Hill and George Michael glued to the car, sound system hooked to the latter playing “Wake me up before you go go” on a loop and bodywork completely repainted in pink… In short, it was a real mess on the set.

7. Easy Rider

Easy Rider is a film that literally sweats drugs. No wonder on set Dennis Hopper was loaded with hallucinogens that caused him to have paranoid tirades on the rest of the crew. For the campfire scene, Jack Nicholson confessed to smoking a joint per take, which resulted in multiple additional takes. Was all this necessary for the film to become a classic stalwart? Obviously.

8. Clerks

It was because of Jason “Jay” Mewes that nearly 30 minutes of footage was removed from the final cut. This one was completely stoned during his rare appearances with Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith, especially in the last part of the film. The other passages of the two accomplices in the film were also filmed a lot of times since Jay smoked and drank a lot on the set (and also during the recording of the comments for the DVD version of the film). Afterwards, it’s a low-budget friends’ film, that’s what makes it authentic.

9. The Empire Strikes Back

It was during the filming of the best episode of the Star Wars saga (admit that it is the case) that the actress Carrie Fisher had been invited by Eric Idle (member of the monthy pythons) to a mega party with the Rolling Stones. In the middle of the evening she had decided to bring her sidekick Harrison Ford after a phone call. After a crazy sleepless night they both went to the film set, visibly still drunk. Imagine that at the time we did not only drink orange juice in this kind of evenings, the Rolling Stones were not fans of “dry January”.


In general, the members of the Beatles were not the last to send themselves some drugs. On the set of their film “Help! We smoked weed for breakfast and jumped into the pool fully clothed. Ringo Starr also admitted in an interview that we saw a lot of scenes in the film where the eyes of the members of the group were very red. Well, he only talks about weed, but we’re not stupid.

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