Top 10 series where we get attached to no character, it’s done on purpose

Generally when we follow a series we like to get attached to the characters, at least to want to continue to type 5 seasons with a semblance of sympathy for some of the protagonists. Then it happens that series do not even try to make us appreciate the characters (without that being a bad thing by the way), it was the subject of a forum on Reddit and there were a lot of good answers in the heap that we decide to give you here.

1.Breaking Bad

When we look a little back on the whole of the series we can easily say that there was finally no character to which we could attach ourselves since they are almost all immoral. The two protagonists are beautiful bastards (even if Jesse is a little less so), all the other characters are potential criminals and Walter’s family is unbearable, even his baby who is probably the most hateful character in the series. so much he never tries anything to fix things and does nothing except shit himself.

2. Succession

In the kind of series stitched with horrible characters, it is difficult to do better than Succession. Logan, a dirty guy at the head of the largest American media group (a kind of overseas Bolloré) sees his entire family take the cabbage over obtaining his succession (aaanlala, that’s why the series el sappel comm sa) after an unfortunate stroke. Children, cousins, sons-in-law… They are all more or less pathetic puffies depending on their level of suceboulerie, there is clearly not one to catch up with the other but if you ask me, I have a preference for Tom who is the worst mop in the infamy-ridden series.

3. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Well then there it is extremely well done: all the characters are filthy human shit and the series is a small masterpiece. Its creator defends his approach by saying that he wanted to make an “anti Friends” sitcom, which means that his characters are never there for each other, shoot each other in the paws, represent the worst failings of humanity and it’s all very funny to watch. Really, because we are surprised to like to see them evolve by asking ourselves “what filthy shit are they going to manage to do today? »


Give me the name of a single character that you liked from the beginning to the end of this series, there is none. Because even Ruth has times when she’s insufferable and no member of the Byrde family is friendly. Even the cop who investigates the case is a filthy piece of shit and frankly we just want to see them all die as soon as possible. In the end, there was the old man, quite naked at the start, but he disappeared from the radar fairly quickly.

5. How to get away with murder

“A bunch of really hateful people who kill people by the bucketload without really caring about anything other than the fact that they won’t get caught”. This is how I was pitched this series that I have not watched. Apparently it’s not inherently bad, but no character really deserves to be saved and I was also told that the only one who was rather cool got killed quickly, which is a shame.

6. Arrested Development

In this sitcom also the goal was to show a gallery of horrible characters who think only of themselves and try to recover the dough of the family. A kind of “Succession” comic version after all. We could at least say that Michael was the only one who was really worth it in this whole story but no, he has several scenes that make him a nice little bastard too. And it’s very, very funny.

7. Seinfeld

Overall we are faced with a nice bunch of bastards who are not in the lace and are quite detestable. But it’s funny, and finally as for It’s always sunny in Philadelphia we end up becoming attached in spite of ourselves to these filthy people. Well, maybe not get attached, we’ll say that we tolerate them in all their most despicable ways because it still makes us laugh.

8. Mad Men

We can’t really say that we get attached to the characters of madmen in the early seasons. Not that they are necessarily hateful people, but rather because they don’t have anything frankly sympathetic that emerges from them. At the same time we are talking about people who work in a pub and have the codes of the 50s, not necessarily the kind of people we would go to in the evening to have a beer pong.

9. The Kardashians

Lol, what’s funny is that it’s only real people in this series, it’s the purpose of a reality TV show you will tell me. But frankly it’s scary, just the trailer. Who really wants to see the lives of such unbearable people? Lots of people obviously since it works.

10. Teletubbies

Frankly, no matter how much I look, they are all as weird as each other with their stupid antennae, the freaking baby sun, their disjointed and energetic gestures worthy of a kangaroo under coke and their creepy dances that make you think that they’re trying to wake up an old demon to kill us all, there’s nothing positive about this program and we make the kids watch it.