Top 10 series that spoil themselves in their script, well-hidden winks

If you like to start the books at the end or watch the series in the middle, you’ve come to the right place to spoil yourself. Whether it’s among the best series on Netflix or the best series of OCS, there are certain shows that we must have seen. If only so as not to be excluded from conversations at the coffee machine. If you want to have series anecdotes to tell, enjoy these easter eggs that will amaze your friends.

1. Theon Greyjoy’s betrayal in Game of Thrones

In the very first episode of Game of Thrones, hunters find a litter of wolf cubs whose mother has been killed. John Snow offers to save them as it is the symbol of the Stark family and there are the same number of wolves as children. Just before that, the most determined to kill the wolf cubs is Theon Greyjoy, it looks like he’s just waiting for that. No wonder he betrays his adopted family later.

2. Who shot Mr. Burns in The Simpsons?

In the Simpsons episode “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” “, old Burns managed to put the whole city on his back by hijacking an oil deposit. Because of him, the primary school has no more money, so employees are fired and lessons are canceled but that’s not all: Moe’s tavern must also close down. When Burns faces the angry townspeople and says “You all talk a lot. But who here will have the guts to stop me? everyone looks away except Maggie who looks him straight in the eye.

Top 10 series that spoil themselves in their script well hidden
Picture credits: The Simpsons

3. The plane crash in Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad Season 2, everything is done to make us understand that there is going to be an inevitable tragedy. The eye of the pink teddy bear in the pool is a first clue but we could know more thanks to the titles of the episodes, in English: “Seven Thirty-Seven” (the name of a Boeing), “Down” and “Over” (words that suggest a technical problem) and “ABQ” (Albuquerque’s airport code).

4. Mary’s real name in Sherlock

In the second episode of season 3 of Sherlock, Watson marries Mary but he does not yet know that she has not given him his real name. As the couple dance on the floor, the camera pans to Mary as the song says, “You know, I didn’t even know her name.” This is no coincidence since we discover in the following episode that Mary was a member of the CIA and that she therefore lives under a false identity.

5. Joyce’s death in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In the Season 4 premiere, Buffy and Willow are at the bookstore buying their textbooks. In the VF, Buffy says “I’m going to warn mom before she receives the bill, she might have a heart attack”. Medium fun since that’s exactly how his mother dies in the following season. In the VO, it’s a ruptured aneurysm.

Top 10 series that spoil themselves in their script well hidden
Picture credits: buffy the vampire slayer

6. The death of Marshall’s father in How I Met Your Mother

In the episode where Marshall’s father dies, numbers hidden in the sets create a countdown from 50 to 1. At the very beginning of the episode, the number 50 is printed on a desk paper and at the end, the number 1 is written on the taxi from which Lily gets out to announce the news to Marshall.

7. Gus’ return to Better Call Saul

Just like in Breaking Bad, there was a clue in the episode names of Better Call Saul. Some suspected that we would see Gus Fring in the series but it was not a certainty. To be sure, you had to see that the first letter of each episode title formed an anagram: FRING’S BACK.

8. Zoe’s assassination in House of Cards

From the first episodes of the series, we understand that Frank Underwood is a bad man. Zoe’s death is one of the worst moments of season 1 and one could easily have predicted how it would happen. Already, we hear Frank say to Zoe in the episode before “Don’t miss your train, it’s the last one” but he also said “I never use people if I can’t throw them away afterwards” . Finally, we see that he is studying subway maps when his wife asks him what he plans to do about Zoe.

9. The couch still available in Friends

If you think about it for 5 seconds, it still seems odd that the big sofa and armchairs in the middle of the cafe in Central Perk are still available for Chandler, Phoebe and the others. Even if the cafe is crowded, no one sits in the place of the group of friends who live above. In fact, when you look closely, there is almost always a “reserved” sign on the table. Does that mean they reserve the couch every day of the year? Or maybe it’s proof of Gunther’s love for Rachel…

1665255123 194 Top 10 series that spoil themselves in their script well hidden
Picture credits: Friends

10. Petyr Baelish predicts three deaths in Game of Thrones

In a Season 4 episode, Petyr Baelish talks to young Robin Arryn after his mother dies. One sentence particularly resonates: “People die sitting at their table, they die in their beds, or squatting above the toilet. Everyone dies sooner or later.” In Season 4, three people died in that exact order. Joffrey died in the middle of his meal, Shae died in bed, and Tywin Lannister died in the bathroom.

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